Your Lip Gloss And Other Beauty Products Purchase Come With This FREE Elegant Pink Bag

Deals and promos have been juiced up due to the National Lipstick day with many beauty salons and retailers offering attractive offers.

Shop for the beauty products you were lounging as your lip gloss and beauty product purchase has come with a free bag.

Your lip gloss and

Your lip gloss and other beauty products purchase come with this free elegant pink bag. Doesn’t that sound icing on the cake. The regular promotional offers received boost from the National Lipstick day.


What Is National Lipstick Day

Your lip gloss and

In case you are wondering what is special about National Lipstick day and why it’s so special. Here is the answer. The day is celebrated as encouragement to wear your best colors. Doesn’t mean that everyone must wear their glossy lipstick in the celebration of this day. For many beautiful women, no make-up or accessory is needed to flaunt their natural beauty. Whether you need a make-up or no, lipstick has always proven to add colors to your already beautiful personality.

If you are still skeptical, give a try and apply a lipstick to your shiny lips and experience the glorified ambiance around you. Men have traditionally felt attracted when their girlfriend or spouse apply lipstick. The juicy and bright appearance of the lips have proven arousing factors in men for many decades.

Use National Lipstick Day as opportunity to try something different. Get some shiny lipstick colors. Try one per day and see if these flamboyant colors bring any new flavors to your life.


Your Purchase Comes With A FREE Pink Bag

Promotion from Ulta beauty put on a rouse on your beauty product purchase. When your shopping trip totals $40, Ulta will add a free bag to your purchases. Choose between cream or pink bag.

With this promotion, get products that will enhance your beauty and looks plus a shiny bag to swag.

I was placing a big order anyway so I qualified for the bag but didn’t have super high hopes because free items are usually so-so. But after using it, I I’m now obsessed with this it. The bag is super cute, carries a ton of stuff. I personally like that it’s soft, a sweet color and well made. I just traveled by plane and used this as my personal item and it held all my normal purse items plus my masks, gloves, Clorox wipes, hooded jacket, makeup bag. There is a front zipper pocket that can be used to store your wallet or phone.

It’s large sized bag and great for packing to go somewhere like the beach. The material feels cheap but it’s a decent bag.

One my of friend has ordered the cream bag. Per her, the size is amazing so that she can use it at the farmers market or packing for a weekend getaway. I wish it had a pocket inside and a zipper closure but the small magnetic button is fine. The color is a nice cream but the material feels cheap (I mean I knew it wouldn’t be leather but even for “vegan leather” it feels very plastic).

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