Your Ignorance To Personal Beauty Is Pathway To Failed Marriages And Divorce

As you grow older, the attraction between husband and wife towards each other slowly wanes. It’s a natural phenomenon.

Your ignorance to personal beauty can alienate your husband further away from you. Here are tips and marriage saving secrets straight from a woman’s heart to you.


Your Ignorance To Personal

True that marriages are made in heaven but preserving the relationship is entirely in our hand. As a wife, your beauty play significant role in keeping your husband attracted towards you. Beauty is not everything but how you present yourself, maintain the firmness of your skin matter as your relationship matures. Often times your ignorance to personal beauty becomes leading factor to the failed marriages leading to a divorce.


Changes That Occur over the period of time

As we grow older, there are many changes or simply the age factor that can affect our look. A newly wedded couple undergo many psychological and emotional changes in initial few days. Living together with your partner and living with your husband are two different things. You and your husband have tied the knot with the understanding that both will share equal responsibility that comes with marriage and kids, look after each other when needed, become the person your husband always wanted and much more.

When any part of this nuptial agreement fall apart, the foundation of your marriage becomes shaky. While there are certain things we can’t control but many others are within our reach and a precaution ahead of time can save your marriage life. Below are secret beauty tips from one married woman to her friends and sisters.


Aging Factor

Aging is important factor in almost every relationship. I am not talking about the number if years you have been married. It’s a wrong notion that over the period of time attraction between husband and wife reduces and slowly wane away. Rather the opposite is true. There are numerous examples where married couples have discovered new found love and attachment after 20 years of marriage.

As your relationship matures, a woman that can successfully play multiple roles in husband’s life have seen their marriage lasting longer. This is unique and very rare characteristics that will keep your husband valuing you more than anything.

  • Act as strong shoulder to your husband’s emotional need
  • A person/wife everyone desires to have in their bed
  • A partner who shoulder greater responsibility when it comes to their kids. Kids schooling, upbringing, home work and more.
  • Wife who plays role of successful business partner in husband’s financial success
  • A beer partner for your husband when watching games or movie
  • A person less of a critics and more like a friend with whom your husband can share issues and problems

As a wife naturally, you too have similar expectations from your partner. Make sure you both fill in the spots or role plays when needed in your life.

Men want their wife shouldn’t change after marriage but she changes,

Women want their husband to change after marriage but he doesn’t change.

Aging factor vary from person to person. Some women found their skin is aging faster than others.

Your Ignorance To Personal

Whereas very few found themselves gifted with form and radiating skin. In order to maintain your charm and preserve your beauty, always use skin firming cream. Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Skin Firming Set will delay the effect of dead skin on your appearance and enhance your looks by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles while visibly firming and lifting.

More you work on improving appearance of your skin’s tone, your husband will remain attracted towards you for a longer period of time.


Under Eye Dark Circles

Your Ignorance To Personal

Your face is everything starting from presenting yourself to interacting with others. People pay more attention to your face during interaction and your husband is no exception to it. As you start developing dark circles under eyes, it significantly dents your charm and natural looks. As soon as you notice the appearance of black circles under your eye, get alarmed and use Vitamin C based dark circle reducing serum.

Make early efforts to control and effectively reduce the dark skin around eyes. Every attempt you make for reducing these circles, it will benefit you in longer terms.


Appearance of dark circles is visible warning of your ignorance to personal beauty


Use a quality serum rich in Vitamin C to effectively tackle aging effects on your skin. A soft shiny skin is key to enhance your beauty and overall appearance. Having beautiful wife always by his side, why will your husband develop interest in other women. Rather, your charm will keep him close to you which is key to successful marriage. I have personally tried Kiehl’s powerful strength formula to tackle any dark spots appearing under my eyes.


Few Minutes Of Daily Exercises

Enhance your inner beauty for spending atleast 30 minutes daily in doing moderate to severe exercises. More your stretch and flex your muscles, it will help you delaying knee pains and even avoiding it altogether. As you grow older, our energy diminishes. This results in reduced interest in performing simple activities, lack of pleasure in joining your husband for walks or playing with your kids.

As your body feels burdensome to join your kids in their play time or avoid stepping out with your husband for an evening walk, understand that you become more of a wife and less of a partner your husband always wanted.

A body in motion stays in motion

As goes the Physics law of motion, investing yourself will pay your back. A little daily exercise routine is necessary to supplement your beauty. The more rigorous schedule you follow, the better it will be for your body to shed toxic waste from your skin. For everything else, there are beauty products to preserve your looks.

Don’t overlook the benefits of exercises in your life. Investing time in you also means caring for your marriage relationship.


A Perfect Beer Buddy For Your Husband

ADHD test

Be the companion your husband has expected from his friends, a perfect beer buddy when your husband needs. This doesn’t necessarily means you should start drinking beer or join him in every sports he loves.

Don’t let the alcohol impact your marriage. Anything that is done in excess can quickly spiral the things out of control and alcohol abuse can be main cause of failure of your marriage. Be the partner with whom your husband would like to share his passion and at the same time problems. At the same time be the firm controller when your husband’s habits are leading him into uncontrolled drinking.


Use Makeup Foundation

Were your colors in style using the makeup foundation. The foundation will suppress any black spots, freckles or visible deficiency from your face. Makeup foundation Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Matte Bronzer has helped many beautiful faces to hydrate and helps skin appear softer and smoother.

The foundation delivers an invisibly thin, silky filter on the skin to add an increased depth of color and coverage. Also provides long-wear pay off and a silky texture.

Use foundation with SPF 50 physical mineral sunscreen that delivers a flawless, natural finish. It will protect your skin and aging effect from the sun rays. Enhances visible elasticity for a youthful, smooth appearance. Also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support natural collagen for smoother, firmer-looking skin.

Any beauty product that locks in moisture, supports visible elasticity, and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles is useful to make yourself look attracting in your husband’s eye. More you husband stays glued to your charm, better are the chances of success of your married life.

Remember, your ignorance to personal beauty will affect how you present yourself to the world, including your family. Becoming strong woman of today’s modern world doesn’t mean success in career, it also mean how strongly you defend your beauty and preserve your looks over the years.


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