Your Empty Beer Bottle Can Make You Rich By Retrieving Sapphire From Its Glass | There Is A Sapphire Hidden In Empty Beer Bottle Video Will Show You How To Retrieve It

Your empty beer bottle

Your empty beer bottle can make you Rich by retrieving Sapphire from its glass. There is a Sapphire hidden in empty beer bottle and this video will show you how to retrieve it. See this artists skills of making sapphire stone from your empty beer bottle.

The Sapphire stones are precious and hence find its place on the ring. Due to its heavy saturated shade of blue, this stones are as attractive as diamond thus coveted in the jewelry business. The cost of this stone vary, depending on the grade it can come anywhere from hundred to 10K per carat. Sapphire stones are already expensive but the blue sapphire is coveted due to its rich blue color.

Sapphire gems are most commonly found in a range of blue shades.

Until now I was believing that this precious stones are usually found in the mines, just like diamond or other precious gems. After seeing how a shiny sapphire can be produced from empty beer bottle, I was left speechless.

Your empty beer bottle

The most important ingredient is finding the blue colored beer bottle. Don’t worry, the Bud Light beer comes in blue shade. If you already are a budlight fan, you are in luck. If not, check out the Bud Light in blue bottles at Amazon.

Now cut the empty bottle near its base. The hard base is what we need. Rest of the glass piece can go to your trash. Mind you, this is just the beginning and you will need a full workshop set-up to achieve exceptional results.

Your empty beer bottle

Do you know the value of the stone is determined based on the clarity of the stone, consistency of color and accuracy of polished cuts. For getting high quality cuts you definitely will need grinder and other polishing tools.

Now that you have the base of the bottle taken apart, let’s take further cuts to retrieve the core round piece from the glass.


The bottles are manufactured in specific way. As a result the think portion of glass goes to its base as compared to the cylindrical top. Then again in the base too the center of disk is made from think glass. This thick part is what we need to manufacture beautiful sapphire stone.

Once you retrieve the core glass piece, let’s move to polishing and finishing it. The core piece as you can see is not more than 1 to 2 cm in diameter. If you manage to cut a larger piece, don’t worry as you can grind it on the grinder.

Your empty beer bottle

Next step includes grinding this piece and giving necessary cuts to transform the glass to the shiny sapphire.

Your empty beer bottle

Isn’t amazing art to produce something so valuable, shiny and most coveted sapphire from empty beer bottle.


Your empty beer bottle

Imagine if you have full crate of Bud Light what kind of wealth this technique can bring to you. All simple (or not so simple for those who haven’t play with these tools before) DIY life hack to produce expensive Sapphire stone right in your home.

If you are a skilled craftsman, give this process a try and let us know if this really works or just waste of efforts. If this method truly works, the gold rush will begin. All this from your empty beer bottle.

Here is DIY life hack video to produce your own expensive sapphire stones.


So far toilet papers and hand sanitizer were in demand due to Coronavirus but if this technique works, I am sure Bud Light will have to control how many beer bottles you can buy in single trip to the retail store.

Another benefit for those scrambling for a beautiful gift for girlfriend or wife, no more saving the money for engagement ring or Christmas jewelry. Just sip few beers, follow the steps shown in the video and soon you will be flush with shiny sapphire. Let these shiny blue stones help you design ear rings, necklace and ring for your spouse.

Seeing larger than river Nile kind of smile, all your handwork will pay off. Isn’t amazing to see what your empty beer bottle can do.

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