You Will Be Surprised To See For 100K Per Shot How Much Tequila This Woman Has Consumed | Never Seen Such Heavy Drinker In My Life

You Will Be Surprised

You Will Be Surprised To See For 100K per Shot How Much Tequila This Woman Has Consumed. Never Seen Such Heavy Drinker In My Life. A Japanese woman is making a headline for binge drinking. If you think only men can be drunkard, you should see this woman. She has set the bar so high that even a seasoned boozer won’t be able break her record.

Japanese people are very social and value family values with upmost regard. A person with large family (includes your extended family, in-laws family and so on) will always be busy keeping close relations with his relatives by meeting them often. A multigenerational household situations is not common in Japan, given the small sizes of houses,however, people meet each other quite often.

Apart from the family gathering, Japanese people are very social. While the men may be busy playing pachinko (Japanese slot machines) and enjoying the booze, the women too have their ladies only style parties. Famous card games such as Katuta and other card games are integral part when women party. Liquor or drinks are common in Japanese culture and you may have heard the famous Japanese wine Sake, alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice.

With the modernization in the society, the regular sake has now been replaced by different types of wines and Tequila. Just like in our parties, how a person chugging a can of beer wins accolades, same culture is been followed in Japan.

You Will Be Surprised

The video below is obtained from women only party where a bet was set up as to who can drink maximum Tequila shots. If you have watched recent hit film ‘Crazy Rich Asian’, the scene in this party was no different. Women from upscale Japanese families have gathered for week-end fun. That is where chugging Tequila idea was born. You will be surprised to see how much Tequila shots a woman can consume in just few seconds, chugging Tequila.

A price was hefty. A person drinking maximum Tequila shots can earn 100K Yen per shot. That’s like $1000 or one grand per shot. As high were the stakes, only a seasoned drunkard can win the most. It was like winner takes all or none.

You Will Be Surprised

The winner of this Tequila competition can be seen in the video below. One after another, she has chugged all the shots and not only she was sane after drinking so much liquor, she made sure to collect 100K bills after each shot.

This proves women too have large wine consumption capacity similar to men. I am sure after watching this video you will be surprised too.

I am sure this video can give complex to many seasoned drunker. Originally posted on TikTok, the woman consuming so many shots of Tequila became instant hit and collected over 4 million views.

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