You Will Be Speechless After Watching This Father’s Self Defense Skills Shows Age Doesn’t Matter | Video Of Like Father Like Daughter

It’s a proven fact that some kids are gifted with inborn skills inherited from either parents.

No matter how much you practice, always remember that your trainer keeps a little secret technique with him thus making it difficult to beat him. The video of father’s impeccable self defense techniques will leave you speechless.

Father's Self Defense Skills

You will be speechless after watching this father’s self defense skills shows age doesn’t matter. Video of like father like daughter. They say that kids of famous parents are naturally gifted with skills inherited from their parents. For instance, you may have seen son or daughter of famous boxing legend are born with inborn skills or kids of legendary tennis player easily learning to ace in tennis.

When the parents are into the sports, the kids start getting trained from their earlier age. If your parents are expert in coding, naturally they will help you develop interest in learning the coding compared to the other kids. Famous examples such as Laila Ali, daughter of legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali orĀ Jaden Agassi, son of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. These kids have already made themselves a name in boxing and baseball.

In the video below, it is impressive to watch how a father has trained his adult daughter in the art of self defense. But afterall a father is always a father and when your dad is your trainer, keep it in mind that he will try to keep that extra edge with him. So when you try to compete with your father, get ready as he may surprise you with these untold skills.

Father's Self Defense Skills

The woman is seen practicing her kick boxing and mixed martial art skills. There enters her father holding a coffee mug in one hand. Let the battle begins. As the woman tries to show off her self defense skills, her dad easily defend himself that too with one hand. Most amazing thing about this video is, not a single time you will find him looking at his daughter while defending himself and most of his defenses were carries using just one hand. As the father is seen busy sipping his coffee, he also manages to throw side kicks at his daughter.

Father's Self Defense Skills

Surprised by those kicks, the daughter can be seen loosing her balance. Even after trying couple of times to break her father’s defense, the dad provides that ultimately he is the champion.

When I watched this video at first, looking at her dad’s age and overall misfit body structure, I wasn’t expecting such swift reaction and implacable timing. But I must admit that this father has proven me wrong. As I admire the efforts put by this woman in learning self defense skills, hats off to her dad who at this age managed to maintain an edge in this dual.

This father is truly proving better than his daughter in self defense. Originally posted on TikTok the ultimate father and daughter dual video has attracted 6 million views thus making it a viral and trending video on TikTok.

Watch this Father’s Self Defense Skills.

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