You Don’t Need To Be Strong And Muscular To Fight Back And Defend Yourself

Fight Back And Defend

You Don’t Need To Be Strong And Muscular To Fight Back And Defend Yourself. Most often your mental strength and determination prove to be useful to defend your turf than physical ability. Many muscular and macho personalities sometimes give up to someone with strong will power and grit. This cat’s video proves the very same idiom of life.

Watch this funny cat and dog fight video. How this little kitten is fighting against 3 big mastiff will leave you in awe.

Fight Back And Defend

Do you know Angry cats are loud cats. Hissing, spitting, growling, moaning and yowling are good indications that your cat is upset and you should stay away. As per leading veterinarian ‘as an advocate for cats, I don’t actually believe that cats get angry or feel vengeful towards their humans. That said, they are sensitive and can react when their environment changes or their needs are not met.’

Fight Back And Defend

Women have long been symbolized as cats and many a times their behaviour or anger is compared with that of a cat. If this analogy is true, take cues from this video to understand that you should never confront your wife when she is angry. An angry wife, just like a cat shown in this video can easily outsmart three strong men. Marriage counselors too have emphasized on practicing moderation when your spouse is angry, let that moment passed and then rethink the situation that way you can avoid unnecessary escalation. Always fight back and defend.

This video can also encourage your kids to show courage against a bully. Just like this cat, know what is right and wrong and stand up against a bully. Seeing your mental strength against their bully nature, I am sure bullies will rethink before troubling your kid again in future. Moral of the story is simple, guard your turf and stand for your principals. Fight back when you are right and when you learn to do so, you will quickly be able to see benefits from such as recurring such situation again in future as your opponent has learn the lesson seeing that you can retaliate and won’t think of harming you again in future. So Fight Back And Defend when needed.

Moral of the story apart, this is a very cute video showing cats and dogs fight. The thing I liked the most about this video is all animals and pets involved in this video are truly gentle and no one meant physical harm to each other. All and all, a fun video to watch.

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