You can play this crazy game in complete isolation

You can play this

Practice social distancing and try to stay away from group of people. How about having some fun and playtime while you are enjoying your solitude. You can play this crazy game in complete isolation.

But since the game is crazy, you need to be really nuts to play this game.

Preparation for this game is simple and the chances are high that you have played similar game in your childhood. Home made water slide, sounds familiar. Well, this crazy game is similar to the homemade water slide. Except now that you are a grown up man, we decided to tune up this game a bit.

Spread large sheet of plastic, you can easily find at Amazon.

You can play this

To add more fun and make the fun go wild, a crane or excavator is important.

Now that all preparations are done, hold on to the rope and take a spin. The water slide will do the rest. I am sure you will love playing this really crazy game in your backyard.

You can play this


You can play this

In the end, there is a pool if you want to take a dip.

You can play this

Company is good, however with the days as scary as they have become due to Corona pandemic, for now you can try it on your own. If situation improves, throw a backyard party and I am sure your friends will love playing this wild and crazy game.

The video of this crazy game has instant become popular and received over 7 million views.

Here is the copy of original video. Watch it for fun and if you like it give it a try in your backyard.

This is so dumb I wanna try.

You can play this

The things white people do for fun,  I want to try it too. This looks fun as hell, but I’m sure if I did it, both of my ACL’s would fly smooth out of my knee cavities. This reminds me of your birthday party where we dared you to slide in yalls pool that had some crawfish in it.

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