Wuhan From Eyes Of Locals After 76 Days of Lockdown Pictures and Videos

As you may already know the Corona Virus epicenter Wuhan has just lifted the lockdown after a whopping 76 days. The city of Wuhan has gained notoriety for its origin of Corona virus, a pandemic that is holding the entire planet hostage and brought all major developed nations to its knee. Some call it as China Virus (due to its origin city is located in China). Whatever be the case, this once sprawling shiny town was immediately closed for anyone entering to the city or travelling out of this place. Wuhan From Eyes Of Locals After 76 Days of Lockdown Pictures and Videos

The meticulous effects have finally been paid off as the locals are no longer staying under the fear of Corona Virus. The virus may be still there but its contagion has been controlled.With proper precaution one can now freely move in Wuhan.

After staying indoor for a whopping 2 and half months, the city decided to show its bright image to the world. Every resident of the City of Wuhan wants to show the world the bright side of it and thwart the bad publicity it has collected since inception of the virus.

Where exactly is Wuhan. Well, along the banks of the river Yangtze in Wuhan. This river front is famous spot for fishing and you will find many fishing lovers gather here to catch the fish or just as a hobby. After 76 days of lockdown, finally the Sun’s out and so are the fishing hobbyists. One man told us it was his first day out since the lockdown January 23. “I haven’t eaten fish in two months,” he laughed.

Wuhan From Eyes Of

We have received images and videos from the residents showing the world the condition of this city post lockdown. Lockdown has been lifted after 76 days. Images of celebration from Wuhan


Bell stroke 12 as Wuhan lockdown was officially over on 00:00 8th April. People cheering, lightshow glowing, cars exiting .
Congrats on my rising city. Wish it bring you hope, who are still fighting. Dawn is ahead, Wuhan From Eyes Of Locals.

Wuhan From Eyes Of Wuhan From Eyes Of

Good to see that Wuhan has come out of #Covid19 lockdown

lit up its skyline at midnight tonight to mark the end of the city’s lockdown. Central Television carried it live.

Wuhan From Eyes Of

Cars leaving Wuhan. The vast majority (including the fair number entering Wuhan at this toll gate) have Hubei province license plates. Starting at dawn as people who had waited months streamed out of Wuhan – a hopeful beginning to a long road towards recovery. Wuhan From Eyes Of Locals.



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