WTF Can You Guess What Kind Of Treatment It Is? Skincare Treatment Based On Ancient Egyptian Technology

WTF Can you guess

Sometimes you see amazing technique that simply blows your mind. Never seen before method that can’t be explained. Why or where it is used is completely unknown. That’s you WTF moment. We have a rare video that will leave you scratching your brain searching for answers. WTF Can you guess what kind of treatment it is?

Here is your hint, it’s an ancient skincare technology. When it comes to the ancient science or ancient skincare methods, you remember Egypt. The country famous for Pyramids and mummies buried deep inside. The secret techniques used to preserve dead Pharaohs for many centuries, using methods that still our modern science couldn’t figure out.

WTF Video

WTF Can you guess

The man covered with unknown objects all over his back. As he tries to stretch these caps start popping out. More he stretches, the remaining but tightly fitted caps starts coming off.

After watching this video, I was in shock and awe with many questions lingering in my mind. Afterall what it is and why is he going through this pain. Is that acupressure or suction cup method.

Couldn’t figure out the answer. WTF!

WTF Can You Guess What It is?

After searching online, I finally started receiving clues, all directing to one ancient Egyptian method : Suction Cup Cure. In this method the suction cups are placed on the skin of person’s body. Using vacuum, the skin is pulled deep inside the cup. This technique is used to draw the blood close the surface. This method is known as ‘Hijama” or suction cupping therapy.

This by and large a very controversial healing technique that was practiced during ancient days. If you want to know more about this technique, simply search using term ‘hijama’ or cupping therapy. a technique used since ancient centuries to release and remove toxins from your skin.

WTF Can you guess

This alternative science offcourse if not well received by scientist. However for many others, hijama is simply beneficial way to get rid of migraines. Certain chronic lung diseases like chronic cough, asthma, bronchial congestion can be treated using cupping method.


Is Hijama or Cupping Therapy Safe?

This is external application and not intrusive method. As a result, there are very few side effects and most of them are mild in nature. Skin irritation, itching immediately after treatment are common. But looking at the long range of benefits, cupping remedy is deemed to be safer.

As Hijama or cupping therapy are not FDA regulated, the long list of warning includes pain, swelling, burns, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, sweating and so on.

The acute suction action helps circulates blood flow and activates tissues. The cupping also activate releasing body toxins and enhance the blood flow. When treatment is carried out by professionals and experts in Hijama or cupping therapy, the process goes smooth with very little pain or side effects.

As always, if you have concerns, we recommend to consult with your doctor and medical health provider.

Watch WTF can you guess what kind of treatment it is? Skincare treatment based on ancient Egyptian technology


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