Worst Ever Experiment Of Coke And Mentos Candies Left YouTuber Clean Up The Dirt | You Will Feel Sick Watching This Video

This would be by far the worst possible experiment using Coke and Mentos candies.

The YouTuber tried to pull the famous Coke and Mentos explosion trick was left the clean up the dirt

worst ever experiment of Coke

What could be the worst ever experiment of Coke and Mentos candies has surfaced on social media. The video gained popularity not because the viewers found it awesome but what someone’s stupid idea can lead to. The YouTuber in the end was left to clean up the dirt. You may even feel sick after watching this video.

Famous Coke and Mentos explosion trick

The magic of Coke mixed with Mentos candies is not new to most of us and there are tons of videos showing the mind blowing explosion the gushing soda causes after mixed with Mentos.

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In order to get popularity or create something viral and sensational, every influencer these days try to up the game by adding a special touch. Many a times the attempt becomes successful gaining thousands of likes from the viewers, but there are thousand other cases where the video ends up beating the dust.

Then there are unique cases such as this one where video becomes popular for the wrong reason.

How’s The Worst YouTube Video Created

In this video, everything from starting was wrong. Wrong choice of experiment, wrong location and most importantly totally wrong execution. Not sure what this your chap was thinking and whether he even thought for a moment about the mess his experiment can cause.

worst ever experiment of Coke

It all started with filling the toilet bowl with gallons of Coke. After emptying 10 plus gallons of coke, the toilet bowl became completely full. In what could be utterly disgusting act, this guy dipped his hand and held a pipe dipped in the coke and way deep in the toilet bowl.. Yuck!..

worst ever experiment of Coke

Using other empty hand it’s time to pour bunch of Mentos candies.

worst ever experiment of Coke

As soon as Mentos were poured in the coke filled toilet bowl, the soda reaction began. It started gushing out from all the sides, even through the pipe.

famous Coke and Mentos explosion trick

Now imagine the coke gushing out of the toilet bowl straight on your face (YES! the same toilet you use everyday for urinating and pooping), how would one feel. But it did not strike this user until the situation started going out of control. Result, dirty coke splashing on his face and everywhere in the bathroom.

Lesson Learnt

Hope this guy has learnt his lesson while cleaning the bathroom. Every strokes of broom to clean up the mess will give him stark reminder as to what bad can happen when you recklessly try to replicate popular experiment without studying basic science.

Watch the worst ever experiment of Coke and Mentos.


After watching this video, I felt really sick and imagining the mess coke may have created has made me feel even more sickening. I hope this video won’t haunt me in sleep, else my tonight’s sleep will be spoilt too. I wonder what would be the mental condition of folks who acted in this video and the person who was taking the shooting.

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