Workplace Prank Video When You Use Women Card And Play It Your Way | Woman Using Feminine Card To Play Prank On Her Colleagues

Woman using feminine card to play prank on her colleagues.

Workplace prank video

Workplace pranks are not common as we see in public places. Mainly due to to fear of its effects on your job and career, we mostly play to be sophisticated and well mannered. But what if someone prank you at your workplace. In the first, you won’t believe that someone actually tried a prank on you. But even after you realize that someone has pranked you, looking at their inert faces, you can’t even find the real culprit. Workplace prank video shows one of the classic and hilarious example.

Then there is women card or feminine card. Women in general are believed to be less mischievous than their male counterpart. So it is likely that women at workplace always get benefit of the doubt. When a woman pretend to plat as a victim, chances are people will believe her than her male colleague.

Here is a classic hillarious case of work place prank when you use women card and play it your way. By now you may have seen the bucket prank mostly in Walmart or other big box stores. The prank is simple, first find a secluded aisle in the store with only one or two shoppers around. They are your targets. Now grab couple of buckets and hurriedly put them on other shoppers head. No one in their rightful mind will expect something of this sort happening to them in Walmart.

Element of surprise

The element of surprise is your winning card. Make sure to put one bucket on your head covering your face and play the victim. By the time other shoppers collect their senses and take out the bucket covering their face, they will spot other shoppers including you in the similar situation. Now comes the guessing game. More effective you are in playing the victims role, the needle of doubt will be shifted away from you.

Workplace prank video

The prank unfolded

Same technique was employed by this woman, only difference this time is that it’s office place and her targets were her colleagues enjoying the coffee break. She was already carrying three buckets. Seeing two colleagues minding own business, she hurriedly put the bucket one each on her colleagues face and then finally on her face.

Workplace prank video

This time the prank game was upped a bit. Not only this woman managed to put the bucket on her colleague’s face but she also made sure to kick them and throw them down. Last part is to play you are one of the victim too so the last bucket was put on her face and she pretended to fall down.

Workplace prank video

When other two folks got up and started looking for the prankster, the woman was ready to pull the ultimate prank, playing women’s card. By blaming her male colleagues for her fall, she manage to chide them and scare away. This was a double whammy blow to both her victims. Poor guys by the time they will realize who the actual culprit is, this woman is long gone off of their sight.

This hillarious workplace prank video will surely make you burst into laughter. Original TikTok video has gone viral and has amassed 3.4 million views. Be ready as many users after watching this trick, may try to mimic at their workplace.


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