Workaholism Test For Those Who Are Concerned Of Work Addiction

Workaholism is characterized by the individual’s excessive and progressive involvement with his work-related activity, without any control or limit.

This excessive involvement is not explained by real labor needs, but by a psychological need of the affected person. As a result, workaholism is classified as mental disorder. This self assessment workaholism test will check any signs of work addiction in you.


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Workaholism test for those who are concerned of work addiction. Person overly concerned about work, constantly driven by an uncontrollable work motivation is classified as Workaholic and may be suffering from this disorder. A workaholic person tent to invest more time and effort to work which affects his other important life areas and famiy relationship.

Are you suffering from excessive work related stress. Take this quiz to find out more.

Symptoms and Issues associated with Workaholism

Workaholism Test

Is workaholism a psychiatric disorder. Based on the studies conducted on a group of 16,426 workers, it has been determined that work addiction is a type of mental illness. The word workaholism is derived from alcoholism and just like alcohol addiction, work addiction too is considered as mental disorder.

Common issues observed with workaholism are

  • Increase in stress and anxiety
  • Depression arising from excessive work focused mindset
  • Impact on family relationship
  • Person turning to office work as a medium to relax
  • Increasing mental dependency on office work and unable to find pleasure outside it
  • Conversation focused mainly on work than other topics
  • Feeling socially disconnected
  • Unable to maintain bond or friendly relationship with colleagues due to bossy nature
  • Not a team player but focused on individual contribution and personal gains


How Workaholism test can help

Workaholism Test

The workaholism test is a 28 questions quiz series to assess your inclination and responses to work and life culture related topics. Based on your response we will assess your dependence on work and determine if there are enough sign to clinically diagnose your symptoms as workaholism disorder.

Should the test results determine any hints of workaholism, we want you to be alarmed and assess your behaviour by consulting with psychiatrist. This behavior may have negative consequences in your family and social life, lead you to isolation, and cause you health problems such as cardiovascular and gastric diseases, high blood pressure, anxiety, etc.

As a result we suggest that you consult a mental health professional so that he evaluates and confirms the questionnaire results. Your health professional will examine your medical history to determine the gravity and scope of the problem so suitable treatment plan can be decided. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

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