Words Do Matter See How Tweaking Of Words Has Helped The Blind Woman Collect Enough Money

Words do play important role when it comes to human sentiments. Carefully worded statements most of the time serve your purpose.

Watch how a good Samaritan has helped the blind women using the word power. Words really rock!


Words do matter

Words do matter see how tweaking of words has helped the blind woman collect enough money. History shows that the words have proven more potent than any powerful weapon. The video shows how modifying your wording can help catch people’s attention and fulfill your purpose.

A blind woman has been resorted to begging to meet her daily needs. Being blind, it was difficult for this young woman to earn her bread and butter. Ultimately she ended up sitting by the side of the road seeking help from the people.

Person holding board such as ‘Homeless’ or “jobless” and seeking help are not uncommon. In big sitting almost every signal has one or two homeless needy people standing with sign board asking people’ help.

As the homeless population is growing so are number of needy people. As these trends are increasing rapidly, our attitude to offer help and sympathy is significantly reducing, Many a time, we simply ignore them. Then there are news of scams where people in the pretext of begging have even robbed the car drivers. As a result, the ape thy towards people really in need and forced to begging won’t get much support.

Words do matter

Same thing has happened with this blind woman. Even after sitting for few hours, she hardly manage to collect couple of quarters. Seeing this a good Samaritan decided to help her out in a best way possible.

The first thing he noticed was the handwritten sign kept near her. The sign read “I’m blind, please help”. Looking at this young woman, no one believed in her and many people simply ignored her. After the wording on the signpost was altered, this woman saw sudden surge of helping hands. The coins were replaced by green backs. But how this change has happened.

Words do matter Words do matter

The result was the change of wording that good Samaritan has made to the blind woman’s sign. What was the change and whether it really became helpful and effective, watch below.

Very true statement word power can bring remarkable changes and this video just proves that

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