Woman’s Wrong Answer in The ‘Family Feud’ Won her $10,000 Prize Money

Woman's Wrong Answer in The 'Family Feud' Won her $10,000 Prize Money

What if you are in a highly rated television game, it’s a do or die moment (off course only from game perspective) and then you fumble. A single fumble can take you out of the game and then there is booing, different faces with question mark “How could you miss that”. Something like that has happened to Eve Dubois.

Eve’s family was trilled with the opportunity to be on Family Feud Show, in front of millions of viewers, sounded like all dreams come true once in lifetime opportunity. The game was progressing well with Dubois family at score of 231 and oposite family at 259. This was an all out round. Once correct answer can bag you the much coveted $10,000 prize money but at the same time you make one mistake and your family lose the competition.

With the moments so tense, Eve faced a very simple question – What is Popeye’s favorite food. Eve’s answer was – Chicken. That was wrong. Why ? see the video below.


After giving the wrong answer, naturally Dubois family was out and lost the prize money. But guess what, Eve’s answer followed by dance moves immediately became a sensation. Popeye’s took a note of it and decided to jump in. Popeye’s cashed this opportunity by offering a whopping $10,000 in prize money to Eve. Surprising that the loser won the prize money here.

Woman's Wrong Answer in The 'Family Feud' Won her $10,000 Prize Money

It shows, the opportunity can strike anytime. I am sure after disappointing performance in Family Fued, winning $10,000 from Popeye’s have brought the happy dance on Eve’s face.

Woman's Wrong Answer in The 'Family Feud' Won her $10,000 Prize Money

Popeye’s favourite food is… chicken?

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In all fairness, you may think that she probably didn’t watch a lot of cartoons growing up especially something as old and classic as Popeye.

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