Woman Shows Off With Best Wheelie You Would Ever See On The Street | Learn How To Do Wheelie On Bike From Young Woman

Learn how to wheelie a bike from young woman who has aced in doing wheelie.

Best wheelie you would ever see on the street and bu none other than a young woman. She will also teach you her skills too!

Woman Shows Off With

Want to show off your biking skills, riding without holding the handle is for beginners. For the pros and advanced players, it’s wheelie. You may have seen many your bikers showing off their wheelie skills by lifting the bike for few seconds but have ever seen a “guru of wheelie”. A young woman shows off with the best wheelie you would ever see on the streets. Best of all, she will also teach you basics of wheelie.

When you see others doing wheelie on mountain bike or motorbike, don’t feel low as it may not be that difficult. Atleast I felt that way after seeing a young woman easily doing wheelie on a bike double her size. Must say this is one of the best wheelie you would see captured on camera.


Is Wheelie Easy And How To Do Wheelie

Lifting front wheel up in air and balancing the motorbike on the back wheel is technical definition of wheelie. Some have even taken the wheelie skills further up by riding on the motorbike only on front wheel. Mind you doing wheelie is a risky sports and definitely not for the fainthearted.

If you show little courage and ready to learn popping a wheelie, this is the best way to impress your friends. Even expect ovation from the bystanders. Ask a biker who can do wheelie and he will tell you that this is the best head turner and grab attention from anyone present around.

Most important step to practice before trying wheelie is to balance your motorbike by lifting legs up. Once you learn to ride the bike without legs on the gear and clutch, learning wheelie from that point onwards is easy.

Now that you can balance the bike by holding the handle, try to with one leg. Slowly bring one foot on the seat. Give it a try until you feel comfortable riding your bike with one foot. Bring the second leg up and see if you can continue riding the bike. Once you reach this point, you are almost won the war.

With the bike already in motion, using your weight pop the front wheel up. Make sure to ride by leaning forward to maintain overall balance. If you want to learn wheelie, there is step by step guide available on wikihow.

A good romantic read on wheelie club : Wheelie’s Challenge: Insurgents Motorcycle Club


Woman Shows Off With Her Wheelie Skills – Sometimes It’s Better To Watch Others

Doing wheelie was regarded as masculine sport mainly reserved for adventure seeking male. Think again as the best wheelie experience I have witnessed is from a young woman. Her skills not only blew my mind but even made me rethink giving it a try myself (for the time being let’s forget my failed experiments with wheelie and let’s focus on the winner).

With a swift the woman has brought her motrobike in wheelie position. As you can see the cameras were immediately drawn by other bikers to capture her stunt. Get ready as you are about the witness a best wheelie experience and how this young women shows off with doing wheelie on a speeding motorbike.

Woman Shows Off With

Not only she could balance herself on the fast moving bike on one wheel, but can change the side, change her position.

When she touched her foot to the ground, I was bracing myself for an accident. But this young girl didn’t disappoint as it just was part of her wheelie stunt.

Woman Shows Off With

Finally seeing the way she has thrown her full body up in the air with still holding the bike using two hands, I realized, this is something remotely not possible for me. I can;t even dream myself being in her position, forget about trying it myself.

Woman Shows Off With

No doubt this bike is double her size and weight. If you want to learn how she is balancing herself, watch how she has used her weight to pop the front of the bike up in air. Once you know to balance yourself on the bike on one wheel, you can try other stunts as this woman.

Sometimes it is better to watch the the best wheelie you would see on the camera. Let us know in comments if this has helped in mastering your wheelie skills.


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