Without her dog this women have surely been arrested for homicide

Without her dog this

Without her dog this women have surely been arrested for homicide. Dogs are loyal and trustworthy and we all know these basic characteristics of our furry friend. But this short story will introduce you to their intelligent side. The story began with the owner about to start her car to drive to work. However, she was interrupted by our furry hero who wanted her not to leave.

Without her dog this

This is a typical situation where your pet will beg you not to leave for the work or take them with you. I initially thought the same. The lady naturally became irritated and tried to move him away from the car forcefully. Seeing that the persuasion is not working and his owner determined to leave, the dog thought of anther idea.

Until this moment this sounds like a usual and familiar story in our pets life, but here is the twist. All the efforts this dog was doing was for another severe reason; save her owner from committing a severe offense, an offense that would be so severe that it will not only put this women to jail but will also leave her with unforgettable scars.

Without her dog this

Seeing that the dog is not ready to move, finally the woman stepped out of the car to forcibly move the dog out of her way. And that very moment she realized a shocking truth. Watch this video for that twist and you will also agree that dogs are intelligent too. Originally published on TikTok, the video has gone viral and admired by users around the world.


Until now I wasn’t aware of this sweet side of our pet dogs, but after seeing this video, not only I admire the whole canine community but truly believe that there presence is our life is quintessential. Whether it is for comforting the physically disabled or guiding the blind owner, our furry friends have always given unconditional love to us, human being. Watch this video and I am sure your admiration for them will double fold. All and all, I feel the way this woman has behaved with her dog, it’s totally disgusting and shall be punished. In the end, you can see the remorse on her face after realizing the reason why her dog was trying to stop her and hopefully she has learn her lesson.

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