With Humanity Dwindling We Must Learn Life Lessons From These Young Kids. Very Positive Message

With Humanity Dwindling We Must Learn Life Lessons From These Young Kids. The Corona virus pandemic has shown us the various faces of humanity such as scares, fear, ignorance and in some cases greed. Worst of all, it has exposed the worst face of mankind, total absence of humanity.

When the Corona virus news broke, the shelves at Costco immediately deleted off of Toilet paper and hand sanitizer. As the spread and contagion spread, store ran out of very essential ingredients like rice, beans and soaps. The situation has come to the extent that many big box retailers have to urge people to stop hoarding the items as supply is not sufficient to meet the growing demand. The results are severe, there are some families flush with toilet paper, hand santizer, face mask including the much coveted N95 whereas the first responders and cops are battling to find necessary protection. These are the very people who are exposed the Corona virus, however their strong moral are keeping them fighting against the virus to protect the mankind.

From centuries, mankind is known as the most greedy species on this planet who always refuse to share. “We share because we care” is becoming a fable only to be found in books but no where else. In the days where humanity, sharing is becoming increasingly sparse, these 1st or 2nd grade students are teaching us a very important lesson of life, happiness increases when you share. Don’t hold it to yourself but spread and in exchange you will see exponential returns.

With Humanity Dwindling

Our story is short and sweet but the positive thoughts it offers are far reaching and very deep. In the lunch hour, all kids open their lunch box and start enjoying the meal except the boy in theĀ  middle. He opens his lunch box but found it completely empty.

His expressions reveal that he was expecting an empty lunch box. The expressions on his innocent face talk louder than words. An attempt to hide his poor economical condition, he rushes to the water fountain to fill his tummy with just water.

With Humanity Dwindling

Here is the twist, a very sweet twist to this story. Once the boy comes back to his seat, he finds his lunch box heavy. In a surprise when he opens the box, it is found to be filled with all mouth watering and nutritious items. One can surmise that all kids realize the empty lunch box and his empty stomach. They all collect a tiny portion from everyone’s lunch box and fill his. Most beautiful, cherry on top moment comes when no other student including the teacher show off and reveal this help just like secret Santa who help many families in need during Christmas.

With Humanity Dwindling —


We as a mankind are smart and know it well that sharing will enhance happiness. I am sure almost all of us support the notion that no kid or family should be forced to sleep on empty stomach. But Corona like incidents bring our greed and selfish behaviour out that shadows the kind and caring human that lies within all us.

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