Wife Is Dumb Or Novel Way To Take Revenge Against Husband

Wife is dumb

Wife is dumb or novel way to take revenge against husband. Either she didn’t get the spelling write or the spell check didn’t work when she was designing coffee mug for her husband. Look at the coffee mug this wife has gifted to her husband.

The mug safely delivered to her husband at this workplace. After receiving the parcel, the Engineer husband opened it just like any business parcel. But after reading wife’s sweet note, his excitement increased. With the curiosity of what gift his wife may have chosen for him, he opened the box and this is what he found.

Wife Is Dumb


Enjoy the dumb wife’s crazy gift to her husband meme.

You may think the wife is so dumb and couldn’t spell “Engineer” correctly and hence settled with simple word as math. But if you have ordered custom designed coffee cups earlier from Shutterfly or CVS Photo, you may already know the mistakes like this can’t happen.

The ordering tool are quite sophisticated and can auto correct the word for you. Doesn’t it make you think that this could be wife’s sweet revenge against her husband. Embarrass him with a gift he can’t refuse or discard away but also public shame him at his workplace. Good luck to this husband as everytime someone sees this cup, this husband has lot of explaining to do.

Wife is dumb or smart to avenge her husband in a smart and intelligent way.

Don’t underestimate your wife as she may revenge you

In another incident of “Wife’s sweet revenge”, this housewife wanted to make her lazy husband work hard on a grocery trip. After thinking carefully, this is what the awesome grocery list she came up with.

Where in the world you can find 3% fat milk. Milk can be either fat free, 2% or whole vitamin D.

And strawberry without seeds. I am sure this husband must be scratching his head for a long long time. Good luck searching these items on Amazon.

Never underestimate your wife because if she decides, the things can go really bad. Save yourself from ruining your otherwise peaceful life.

Case of picture taking husband.

My wife’s revenge on me. I’m always the one taking her pictures while she sleeps, because honestly, how much can you sleep? But yesterday, she caught me in a moment of weakness.

wife is dumb

As goes the saying “every dog has his day”, same is true ‘every wife has her day’.

When wife decides to really harm her husband

My friend who does car paint restoration just got this one. Someone’s wife got mad. This is the shiny brand new and well maintained car.

wife is dumb


But when wife goes really mad, this is where the car has ended to. Poor husband has to deal with this mess. Fortunately his profession may help save some bucks in restoring this car back to the original shine.

wife is dumb

Message is clear and simple, never mess with your wife.

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