Why You Should Not Shop At Walmart. Video Proves Walmart becoming most unhygienic place for shopping

Why You Should Not Shop At Walmart. Video Proves Walmart becoming most unhygienic place for shopping. And it’s not fault of Walmart but the miscreants who are targeting primarily Walmart for their gross and disgusting stunts. Multiple videos have surfaced where Twitter, Instagram, Facebook users in the quest of cheap publicity have targeted merchandise at Walmart and putting scare in the mind of millions of shoppers who regularly shop at Walmart.

Not Shop at Walmart

In a what could be utterly disgusting incident, an adult can be seen drinking fruit juice at Walmart. After opening the bottle and taking a sip, this sick person has kept the juice bottles back on the rack. The man in this video has repeated his actions multiple times thus affecting many juice bottles on the shelf.Not Shop at Walmart

That definitely looks like Wal-Mart signage in the background.

With over million views, this video must have been watched by millions of users and hopefully, he will be charged with domestic terrorism as well as the person filming it. I’m at a loss as to why these morons think this is funny? Not only will they be charged, they may have to reimburse for all the stock that will have to be pulled. These people do it for whoever is filming, like others will be impressed. Why? I to don’t understand. Its a shame.

This is why you should check your packages before you put things in your carts, some people are outright scumbags. This activity is being classified as terrorism, if you have information about this man report it to the authorities. This is completely sick. Hopefully the cops will identify these weird adults and arrest him in a few days. That is disgusting, and attempted manslaughter. Wonder what the security cameras at Walmart are doing. Surely security cameras will pick this up so he can he dealt with pronto. This raises the question, what have we become?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Incident

Not Shop at Walmart

In another incident, a women can be seen licking Blue Bunny ice cream pint and keeping it back. Nobody knows which store she has visited and how many icecream containers were left contaminated with her Saliva.Not Shop at Walmart

As per NBC news, Woman seen licking Blue Bell ice cream faces up to 20 years in prison. After the girl went viral for licking the ice cream at Walmart & putting it back, he went & did something similar & posted him scooping the ice cream out w/ his hands & putting it back in the freezer.

Shampoo Incident

The list is unending forcing us to consider the decision whether to shop at these big box retailers. The incidents don’t seem to be stopping. In a new ugly incident surfaced few days ago, some consumers have complained receiving contaminated products. Please check your hair products before you buy them, people are mixing Nair into shampoo & conditioner in the store. Another reason Why You Should Not Shop At Walmart.

Not Shop at Walmart

That is so wrong. And they didn’t even think of all the stuff that could happen what if it had gotten in the consumers eyes? Unlike regular shampoo and conditioner where you could just rinse it out she could’ve been blinded. Chemical burns!

One would think why are people not reporting this matter to Walmart management. Maybe if many people identify the culprit and report it to Walmart Customer service, the management may take the notice.

After seeing all these incidents, one would think, why are people doing this and why Walmart is being targeted. Nothing can be said about this Cruelity, this is simply beyond understanding. I’m in favor of extreme sentencing for anti-public-health crimes. I assume security cameras should have caught these culprits and saved the consumers had the cameras been monitored in real time.

This still leaves the very important question unanswered, why would one do such a disgusting thing? Again, if the cops find the culprits in these incidents, their defense will be that he went back and purchased all of the items that he touched when the camera was turned off. My only hope is the cops will arrest all these culprits to deter any such incidents happening in future. Walmart is a best place to shop when it comes to cost effectiveness and saving the money. However, I am sure these incidents will make us think twice, thrice before stepping into Walmart. From these incidents, one can make out that this is Not uncommon tampering and contamination rampant at Walmart been a problem for YEARS. Stores need to amp up their security instead of laying people off. This is a cost of doing business but this is also investment Walmart must do to stay in the market and win consumer’s trust.

As a caution, do not consume anything with a cap/opener that is already loose. Even wash every part of every item you bring home from the store. Use Lysol or Lysol wipes or even Clorox to clean the products before using it. The burden has shifted to us to be more vigilante until these practices and stunts are curbed.

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