Why you should never ride without a helmet! Accident Caught on Camera

Why you should never ride without a helmet

Traffic rules and laws are for our safety and protection. Follow the rules for your own sake as a single mistake can land you into a big trouble. If you are biker, temptation to ride the bike without helmet is always there. In that temptation we even forget the mandatory helmet rule is for our safety. Buy hey, who cares. For those folks who found the helmet burdensome, just watch this accident caught on live camera.

Here is the shocking accident caught on the live camera, but it teaches us a lot about safety and precautions as important aspects in our life.

Lazy afternoon, quite street, suddenly the bike rider comes and shatters everything. The collision is so massive that the cars he bumped into gets dragged and bump into another vehicle behind. That shows the speed at which the bike rider was going. Don’t worry no one is seriously injured, all thanks to the helmet.

As you can see after the accident, the bike rider literally flung up in the air and then on the nearby building. The impact was so strong that he was thrown 10ft up in the air. But as you can see his helmet has saved the life of the bike rider. Though both the cars including his bike are severely damaged, fortunately no one got injured seriously.

Why you should never ride without a helmet

Remember the lesson to always wear helmet when riding on the bike (or for that matter, use all safety precautions such as fastening your seat belt if you are driving a car, else “Click it or Ticket” is a very small penalty you will pay and there could be more sinister future lurking on those busy streets.

This viral accident has been viewed 40 thousand plus times and hopefully people will learn and take positive message from it.

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