Why People Adopt Dog As Pet And Why You Should Too If You Are Single And Alone

When it comes to adopting pets, primary choices are either a dog or cat. Some people even go for other animals such as snakes, ferrets, lizards, rabbits, frogs or turtles but dog or cat is still number one choice for vast majority of people.


If you are single and alone, watch this video as it will surely motivate you to adopt your own furry friend.

Why people adopt dog

Why people adopt dog as pet and why you should too if you are single and alone. Many believe that dogs don’t have feelings or can’t show their feelings the way we human do. Traditionally dogs are considered as most loyal breed. Beyond loyalty, we are not familier with any special trait of canines that can amaze you. Agree that dogs do not have a developed brain as we human do and its take lot of grit to train your dog.

Some owners complain that their furry pets don’t understand them well or respond well to simple verbal commands. Then comes hiring a trainer to make you canine obey simple commands, follow directions and make a good companion to yourself.

But ever wonder, your dog are observant and more careful when it comes to treating their owner. Especially if you have kids, you may have seen this other side of your pets. No matter how small or big your dog is, but when it comes to playing with small children they tend to be very careful. Sometimes the clumsy behaviour of our kids can injure our pets, still you won’t find your furry friend complaining or getting frisky with your young children.

Why people adopt dog

We are sharing a story where unprecedented intelligence shown by golden retriever will change your notions about dogs and we are sure it will compel you to adopt your own dog.

The owner just for fun wanted to see what does his dog do at night once after everyone sleeps. The idea was just to observe if the his golden retriever can find his bed or he prefers to snuggle with his daughter. I am sure we all have this curiosity to observe and understand if our pets are independent enough to find their own bed to sleep.

As a pet owner, I myself like to know if my dog can find her bed at night or need help in putting her to sleep. I also like to check what she does when the lights are off, whether it’s her personal time to chew the treats before ending the day or she immediately falls asleep as soon as the lights are off.

Watch this adorable story of a Golden Retriever

The golden retriever being close to his daughter, snuggled in her bed until she sleeps. Out of curiosity, the dog owner started secretly recording his dog after his daughter has slept. But what he has seen afterwords will amaze you. Main reason why people adopt dog and this video will prove to you. I am sure seeing the video footage afterwords, he must have cried tears of joy.

Why people adopt dog

As his daughter slept, the golden retriever got up quietly. First he pushed the phone away from the little girls hands.

Next comes putting on the blanket on his owner. The dog ensured that the blanket is even and fully covering the girl.

Why people adopt dog

After a brief pause, the dog realized the last pending step which is to turn off the light. He slowly manage to put the lights off. The emotions, expression doing all these activities were of a father or elder brother caring for his little girl.

Why people adopt dog

Who say’s dogs don’t have emotions or lack in understanding due to small brain. Watch the below video and decide yourself. I am sure after watching this video you will fall in love with your furry friend and if you already don’t have one, it will surely compel you to bring a dog to home as new family member.

Watch why people adopt dog. Video shows how amazing your pets life is which begins with you and end to you. Adorable pet videos, welcome to the amazing world of our pets.


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