Why Learning From DIY YouTube Video Is Not An Easy Task And This Video Proves That| See Yourself How Repeating After Online DIY Videos Fail Most Of The Times

America is DIY country and we always try to fix the things ourselves using online instructions.

Many a times the results are totally different than what is shown in the DIY videos. Here is another hilarious video proving that.


Why learning from DIY YouTube video

Why learning from DIY YouTube video is not an easy task and this video proves that. Starting from fixing a household gadget to fixing our car, there are tons of YouTube video available. The online social media platform is flushed proving how it’s easy to fix engine of your car, or fix the refrigerator by yourself. There are even videos that will teach you how to perform simple surgery on yourself. But does the online learning watching these DIY videos actually work.

Can we have the same fabulous results after following step by step instructions shown in the video. Well, the answer is Yes and No. DIY videos may help in some cases (though results will always vary from the one seen online) and in many other cases, we fail miserably. The main reason, we can’t be master of all. Te person showing how swiftly he can pour icing on the cake or bake some delicious “Made by your grandma” style cookies or someone showing how easy is to alter your wedding gown with few stitches are all professional in respective fields.

The video makers practice hundreds of time before the video is created. Then there are cuts and editing to make everything appear real. If you are the one who has already tried some of these DIY tricks and failed, you would now know it’s not easy to learn everything based off of online social media videos.

Then there is another category, teaching our aged parents to learn things by seeing DIY video. Trust me nothing is worst than asking your aged parents to learn from these videos. If we can’t achieve the desired results, it’s foolish to expect some magic from our parents and elderly people.

See yourself how repeating after online DIY videos fail most of the times. In our case, one woman wanted to prepare recipe based off of online DIY video. Step one was to chop the cabbage.

Why learning from DIY YouTube video

She followed every step suggested in the video chop, starting from taking the cabbage, knife and chopping board.

Next step is to chop the cabbage fine. The woman was ready to chop at the same time with the person shown in the instruction video. But after seeing the style, speed at which his knife was working, cutting the cabbage into fine pieces, the expressions changed to “What!…”

Then slowly to “Holy Cow!….”

Why learning from DIY YouTube video

And finally, I don’t think this is possible by me so she finally give up.

Why learning from DIY YouTube video

Watch this video how the expressions on the woman’s face change. Though there is subtle change of expressions, that’s the most amazing part and most hilarious too. Aren’t meme generated from user’s simple facial expressions. This video is amazing example how memes are created. Topic will be “DIY video instructor and Me”

This video will prove why learning from DIY YouTube video is not an easy task.


I really loved those subtle expressions on woman’s face and how quickly she realizes this is not cup of tea for her and finally decides to drop the task.

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