Why Father Ended Up Paying In Thousands When Two Blonds Attempted To Fill Shower With Bubbles

Blonde jokes are real and not just imaginary. Blondies have long been famous for not using their brain.

The fun can sometimes be costly and that’s why father ended up paying in thousands in plumbing damages.


For decades, the blonds are famous for not using the brain or even showing common sense understanding. Sometimes their bold and beautiful attitude puts others into trouble (read it as dumb and beautiful). Remember the famous Hollywood movies “Legally Blonde” or “Clueless”. In all these movies, the plot was common as dumb clueless blonds. For many decades their dumbness have proven to be the bread and butter for Hollywood movies. But are blonds really dumb? I am sure atleast this father thinks so after ended up paying in thousands when his blonde daughter and her friend attempted to fill the shower with bubbles.

The idea of fun are different between normal people and blonds. A blonde woman is considered to be low on IQ who would seldomly use her brain. Tons of jokes and funny incidents have been the result of their super smart brain (pun intended). Take example, do you have a blonde friend. Does she often behave strange or have some weird logic that can’t be explained using plain science.

In reality, you blonde friend may actually be loving the notion of being called as dumb and beautiful. And until now, no one has seriously attempted to change this notion. Rather year after year, there have been numerous funny incidents augmenting this sentiment. The prevailing wisdom of blonds are legally dumb is now stronger than ever.

Sometimes their dumb ideas can result into nightmare experience costing a ton to the family. Agree that blonds should have fun but their concept of fun is beyond cognition to normal people. Why father ended up paying in thousands when his blonde and beautiful daughter decided to have dumb fun will hallmark this statement. Here is the latest addition to the blonds jokes and funny incidents.

Are Blonds Actually Dumb Or It’s Just A Notion

Why father ended up

If history is any indication, there are numerous cases where family and friends of blonde woman have suffered from huge financial losses due to their strange interpretation of facts and dumb ideas.

In what is going to be the newest and latest blonde joke, two beautiful blonde decided to fill the shower with soap bubbles. Harmless idea, isn’t it? Not when blonds are involved.


Why did the blonde nurse take a red marker pen to work?

So that she could draw blood.

How to fill the shower with soap bubbles. Quite simple!

Why father ended up

First poor lots of shampoo on the floor. Close the drain using drain plug and turn the tap on. As the water mixes with soap, bubbles will start forming. Only one mistake, look at your shower carefully. May be a good idea to go to your standing shower and inspect the glass door. Find anything odd?

Here’s the clue. The glass door has opening on its edges and at the bottom. Shower tub is never sealed. As you fill it with the water, the water can fill upto certain level. But as soon as it reaches the door level, it will start oozing outside the shower.

Why father ended up

What damages this gallons of water can do to your bathroom and bedroom floor is anybody’s guess. After a while seeing the shower still empty, these blonds had no clue. Finally someone noticed the water gushing out of the shower making their poor dog wet and drenched in the water. But it was pretty late as the damage was already made.


Blonde Fun Is Unforgettable Memories For Her Father

Whatever be the case, one thins is sure that these blonds made their father pay through nose. We all will get a laugh after watching their funny attempt but keep their poor dad in your thoughts and prayers as he is still saddled with paying the huge plumbing bill. If you too have a dump blond daughter, consider buying blonde proof insurance.

Being parents of blonde daughter means you don’t have to prepare for natural calamity as disaster can often strike from inside your own home.


What does a Blonde say when you blow in her ear?

Thanks for the re-fill.


Watch blonds in action that has made their father ended up in paying thousands in plumbing bills.


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