Who says dogs don’t like bath. This poodle is a water baby

Who says dogs don't like bath

If you think dogs do not like bath, then you must watch this poodle. After looking at the way he likes to immerse himself in bathtub, Who says dogs don’t like bath. This poodle is a water baby. He himself goes in the search of bathtub, which is very unique. Well there is a secret.

The poodle had a hair cut and the owner decided to fleece the hair from his back, may be due to fleas or other insects. This has made this poodle feel very irate (when you shave your leg or when men shave their beard, you feel itchy). Same itchiness is the reason why this poodle likes to immerse himself in the bathtub.

Who says dogs don't like bath

The constant itchiness is making this little ball of fur irate. And you would love the efforts this little guy is taking to climb the bathtub. Once settled in the bath tub, the relaxing expressions on poodles face are truly satisfying and remarkable. Hopefully in a day or two, his itchy body will become normal and soon this little guy will come back to his normal schedule and like any other dog, putting him for bath would become headache for his owner. My suggestion to his owner would be to relax and enjoy as the poodle is keeping himself clean and fresh. Hopefully whatever be the reason behind his haircut will go away soon.

Watch this video, you will see the poodle searching for the water. Once he spots the bathtub filled with water, he somehow manages to climb up and get inside. All he really wants to sit in that bath to hide his behind.

OMG is that the cutest little pup ever, the cutest little fluff ball! Poor little guy. Embarrassed by his haircut — It’s a poodle cut.

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