When Your Trick Goes Horribly Wrong. Never Try Newly Learnt YouTube Trick On Your Mom

When Your Trick Goes Horribly Wrong. Never Try Newly Learnt YouTube Trick On Your Mom. Social media sites are becoming integral part of our life where we can share our feeling, connect with far away staying relative or even learn something. When it comes to learn from Social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, one should mind precaution as sometimes the DIY or Trick videos may not be real or have been staged. Even the actors seen in those videos practice multiple times before presenting their trick to you.

The main ingredient to produce something amazing and memorable video is Practice combined with out of box thinking. These videos are produced by boy or girl next door to make it look more friendly (or atleast they are made to appear that way). When you learn something on YouTube and decide to try it on your mom, how the simple looking trick can go horribly wrong.

Best cases of simple tricks or hacks going wrong are many DIY videos shown on YouTube. Looking at the swift performance and skills demon started in those video, one start to feel how easy it is and take the matter in own hands. And the results are well known… utter complete fiasco, ruining and sometimes even endangering your life.

Here is a best case how trick learnt on YouTube can go horribly wrong.

A famous scarf video is making rounds on all leading social media platforms. The topic is simple, how to to tie the scarf around your mom’s neck and then in one jerk take it out thus surprising your mom. When you drape the scarf around you mom’s neck, and try to pull it out by holding the ends together, the first reaction from your mom is fear and scare of getting strangulated.

But as a magician pulls rabbit out of hat, when the scarf comes out easily without affecting or chocking her, the surprise feeling on your mother’s face has won the internet over. That was the main reason why this scarf trick has gone viral and trending.

See the step by step trick demonstrated on YouTube below.


Drape the scarf around your mom’s neck

When Your Trick Goes



When Your Trick Goes



Tighten it and try to pull. Watch expressions on your mom’s face. Scared and  anxious. You can try this trick on your friend or partner.

When Your Trick Goes


Tada…the scart is out without hurting your mom’s neck. And your mom is surprised and confused. This mix of emotions on her face has made this video trending and most watched video on YouTube.

Well, you now decided to try it on your mother. Here is how it can go terribly wrong.


Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4….so fat everything was going as per planned. You draped the scarf around your mom’s neck

When Your Trick Goes



Now tried to pull both the ends out together and there you go…

When Your Trick Goes

YouTube Trick going terribly wrong. Why yo should not try newly learnt YouTube trick on your mother. Watch the fun here


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