When Your Ring Camera Catches You at your worst moments

Dorebell cameras ensue the security of your home by capturing images and videos of anyone approaching your doorbell. Remember, these are just cameras and designed to capture every moment including you. What if your doorbell camera catches you at your worst moments. Some of the examples are, door bell camera catches you smoking in the front when you actually try to hide it from other members of your family or even worst when it catches you without clothes when you are hurrying just to grab a parcel left by the front door and without caring to dress up properly. Or sometimes it will even capture your falling down the stairs. When Your Ring Camera Catches You at your worst moments

Imagine when all these catches are combined in one single incident – you are smoking by hiding from others, then you fall down and worst case the camera catches you when you are not even dressed properly. In the video below all 3 incidents occurred in succession one after the other and unfortunate to the owner, were been recorded on their door bell camera.

Check out how someone’s morning can be ruined due to mishaps one after another. Caught on camera or shall I say caught on Doorbell camera.

The women is getting ready for the job. As soon she comes out, lights the candles. Off course doesn’t want her hubby to see it. Guess what, the camera sees it all.

Then comes 2nd round if misery, on the way to go down the stairs, this women falls down and slide down a the steps until she hits the ground.

Misery no 3- Women after fall shouts for help. Hearing the noise, her husband comes out. The first thing he checks if there are any neighbors around as he is not properly dressed.

When Your Ring Camera Catches You at your worst moments

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