When Your Batman Father Crashes Online Class Zoombombing By Bored Dad

With the ongoing lockdown, everyone is forced to work from home. Kids are no exception. The school classes have now become online.

But when your batman father decides to be the unwanted intruder in your online Zoom classes, what fun it will be.

When your batman father

When your batman father crashes online class zoombombing by bored dad. Quarantine and stay at home mandates are day by day becoming difficult to follow. It’s been 3 months or more and this deadly Coronavirus and not showing any signs of abatement. With parents working from home, kids are home schooled or attending online classes, the initial enthusiasm to spend quality time together is almost gone.

Tried all family fun games, board games. Watched long due movies and TV soaps, tried all new recipe. In short, by now we have tried almost every suggestion on how to use stay at home period. This extra long break is now leading us to depression.

Here is a story of a bored dad who is simply tired of sitting at home or work from home. Without any novel idea on how to make these days exciting, he finally resorted to zoombombing his son’s online classes.

When your batman father

Not only he stayed in the background dressed as Batman, but also sought attention of the entire class and the teacher with his funny dance movements. I am sure it was an embarrassing moment for this teenage kid but looking at this overall expressions, he seems like use to his dad’s funny behavior.

Whatever be the case, it must have proven quite enjoyable day for the entire class.

Watch when your batman father crashes or rather zoombombs online teaching session.


Another story of zoombombing by husband


If you think that this dad is alone who decided to zoombomb his son’s online classes, here is another case of Batman husband who with his novel outfits managed to distract the wife’s online zoom meeting. Wife is having very successful career as Director of Marketing of her company. The meetings naturally were high profile one. But this husband didn’t care and still manage to distract the audience.


Attention seeking husband's novel idea


The trend continued meeting after meeting and soon this husband became a highlight of every discussion within wife’s organization. The husband consistently manage to zoombomb wife’s meeting by appearing in different costumes, from Batman to Spiderman to every superhero you know.


People even started liking his presence and for any reason he can’t be seen, his wife and director of marketing was forced to bring him into the scene.

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