When You Don’t Win Grammy This Is How You React On Social Media

Grammy awards are really important as this is an award presented by The Recording Academy to recognize achievements in the music industry. The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony concluded last Sunday. As usual the show and award ceremony was mired with multiple controversies. But most of all it was a combination of happiness for the winners and disappointment for the losers. However a true champion takes loosing sportingly. There are few sour grapes who vent out their frustration in some way or the other, that is when the social media comes into play.

The losers want to use their fan base to be their mouth, advocating how they truly deserve the Grammy but biased attitude of judges and juries kept them out.

Fun fact : do you know the GRAMMY were originally called ‘Gramophone Award’.

The value of Grammy is quite significant and winning a Grammy matters as it officially hallmark singers and music directors ability to produce something sensational, something soothing and most importantly widely acclaimed across board music.

When You Don't Win Grammy This Is How You React On Social Media

Since the stakes are high, so is disappointment for not winning Grammy. One sour grapes this year was America Rapper Pastor Troy. This is what is ranted (or expressed disappointment) for not winning Grammy this year.

Pastor Troy went on a long, homophobic rant & somehow convinced himself that it’s the reason why he doesn’t have a Grammy. Read it here.

When You Don't Win Grammy This Is How You React On Social Media

This is very sad to read, but I also laughed at the idea of Troy and his son watching the Applebees commercial. I feel like that portion was an episode of “Things That Never Happened”

They’re lighting him up, as deserved. Like, what does your homophobia have to do with your music not being “worthy” of a Grammy?!

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