When Three Dogs Collaborate To Steal Your Delicious Foods Perfect Partners In Crime Trio Emerge. Video Of Three Dogs

When Three Dogs Collaborate

Our pets are more intelligent than we think and sometimes even employ intelligent tricks to get what they wanted. Most of the times their demand are simple, either a treat or food. And when it comes to the dogs, all canine have natural inclination towards human food. The smell of our food, the aroma is what attracts their constantly sniffing nose. The same curiosity has made three dogs to collaborate, work as a team to steal the food.

Observe when you are at the dining table, your dog will try to stay close and even constantly move between your feet. It’s the smell of our food that ignites their curiosity. In their tiny brain, our pet must be thinking what is it that we human eat and can they get a taste of it.

When Three Dogs Collaborate

I have a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier), who just like any other pets love to cuddle and shows extra love when I am at the dining table. I know that human food is not good for our pets. But it’s not easy to say ‘NO” to these little cuties. After seeing his constant pestering for the food, I finally throw the towel and give in. But not all human food is accepted by the dogs (at least my Yorkie is a picky eater. He will sniff everything but most of the time he won’t even taste many items I offer from my plate).

Apart from food, our pets have 2 more demands, little playtime and uninterrupted attention. If you can spare atleast half hour daily with you pets, you will find the most satisfied pet living with you.


Three dogs collaborated in this unique and amazing video

Here is the video of smart and super intelligent Corgi. Corgis are considered as medium sized dogs as they weight anywhere from 20 to 25lb. Another visible specialty about this breed is, Corgi’s have smaller feet compared to other medium sized breed.

The owner of Corgi has served the dinner and kept the plate ready on the kitchen range. The smell of the food attracted Corgi’s attention. But his smaller size was the only obstacle between the food and his mouth. An impossible idea was born in Corgi’s small head. With help from other two buddies, the trio of dogs decided to do unthinkable.

When Three Dogs Collaborate

The two dogs stood close to each other giving a stepping stone. This makeshift platform gave Corgi the step to climb up and reach to the food.

The unusually unique way this trio of dogs collaborated and formed perfect nexus of partners in crime is not only amazing, it will also give you hint how smart our pets are.

Watch when three dogs collaborate to steal your delicious foods.


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