When Japanese Bra Company Decides To Make Masks. Intentions Were Right But Brainless Designers

Japanese Bra Company

In the era where all the manufacturer are feeling social and moral burden to contribute to the World efforts in containing the Corona virus, many manufactures have shifted their main stream product line to the survival equipment. If you are reading the news, by now you may know General Motor’s plan to stop car manufacturing and shift to producing the ventilators. Likewise, the vacuum cleaning giant Dyson too has forayed into ventilators manufacturing. Etsy is encouraging its sellers to stitch the masks due to growing demand. Can anything go wrong when you try out completely new profession. Here is the classic case – When Japanese Bra Company Decides To Make Masks. Intentions Were Right But Brainless Designers totally flop the plan. How, continue reading.

Japanese Bra Company

Atsumi Fashion Company, a Japanese manufacturer or bras and panties. Business was totally focused into lingerie and intimate apparel manufacturing. But looking at the growing trend, the company decided to leverage its manufacturing capabilities to design cloth masks. The management was confident that their expertise and tools available at disposal will make this new adventure piece of cake. Moreover, the thought process was to keep it women centric. Since their main bread and butter winner so far been the feminine community, they wanted to do something useful for all the women.

Japanese Bra Company

Designer had an idea how the existing bra line can be useful in producing the masks. Look at the picture carefully and you would know the thinking of its designer. One of the much needed necessity is N95 masks. These sought after N95 masks have been considered as gold standard in the medical mask category since they filters out 95% or more germs thus giving a safety shield to the medical professional while dealing with seriously ill patients.

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Split bra into two and that makes 2 masks. So existing bra cast and designs if they split into 2 parts, you can make awesome masks. The bra straps can stay as they will be needed for masks too.

Japanese Bra Company


Japanese Bra Company

Such a novel and out of world thinking, right? Well, this is what they ended up producing to their much needed customers. Also the designer at this Japanese Bra Company decided to add more feminine touch by adding all the bells and vessels to the masks to make it more appealing to the women.

Japanese Bra Company

Not sure if the idea was to make masks cum bra so a woman can buy pair of masks and when mask use is done, convert the masks into bra. Whatever be the case, this company is lately giving many reasons for Twitter users to laugh.

Japanese Bra Company

Not sure how well these masks will be useful and that if this company will manage to get these masks sold, but all and all we are seeing one positive thing that it is making people laugh when everyone is feeling gloomy and sad due to ongoing Corona virus pandemic.

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