When Elephants chase your Safari van. No where to escape

When Elephants chase your Safari van

Another funny video where a pack of Elephants can be seen chasing a safari tour. In this viral video shot by one of the safari tourist, a pack of elephants decided to stay course. Did not move or deviate to make room for the safari van. When the stand off lasted for more than few seconds, ultimately someone has to blink. This time our Safari guide decided to back out and let the Elephants follow their course.

In the video as you can see, its not one or two but whole pack of elephants decided to match towards the group Safari tourist. The safari guide can be seen trying to stay clear of Elephants path as these humongous giants can easily stamped the whole van under their feet.

But looks like the elephants were walking in the opposite direction of the safari guide and decided to stay put. The safari van can be seen moving backward for quite a few yards.

When Elephants chase your Safari van

For the tourist in the safari van, this was amazing experience to see a group elephants marching towards them.

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I am sure all were scared, but our daredevil user still managed to maintain his calm, took out the cell phone and shot this entire Elephant encounter in his camera. Truly unique (I don’t know if I shall call is funny or scary)

Anyway here is the video of Elephant’s encounter with the safari tourist – When elephants come marching towards your van on a safari trip

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