When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks Patience. Lets See Who Wins

When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks PatienceA trending video is making rounds on all major social media platforms where a cat is trying to disturbing a Buddhist monk in his prayer to seek his affection. When you are offering prayer on a very special occasion but ended up in constantly getting distracted by a cat. You can not focus worshiping the god and what if the cat has decided to try your patience. This is not a fable but a true story occurred in Thailand. Not any normal day but a special new year prayer was arranged where all monks were chanting the sacred chants almost for five hours.

When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks Patience

The uncanny cat used this occasion to seek attraction of this Buddhist monk. Buddhist monks are known for their patience and harmless attitude towards all known living creators. Cat may have already known this fact as she wasn’t scared while climbing his shoulders or blocking his sacred book, constantly interrupting in his prayer.

This video of a cats attempt to grab the attention of a Buddhist monk is melting hearts across the internet. See the video below here the cat can be seen crawling back again and again on the monk Luang Pi Komkrit Taechachoto’s lap and kneading his shoulders. The 25-year-old tries to stop the cat from blocking the scriptures placed before him but ends up giving in.

See how the entire drama unfolded here

When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks Patience When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks Patience When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks Patience When A Cat Tries Buddhist Monks Patience

In the Thai temple, cat’s bid for affection during new year special prayer has made the entire occasion very special. The beauty of this entire event is throughout the 5 hour long prayer, the monk did not push the cat away or tried to shoo her away, which is truly remarkable.

Watch this video to know how the Buddhist monks are practicing patience in real life and demonstrate through their behaviour. When we can not tolerate tantrum by our kids or sometimes even become unruly to the society around us, the behaviour by this monk teaches us a lot. Off course, its’ up to us whether to learn from this incident and practice patience or just admire this monk and forget it.

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