What This Gorilla Does After Pooping In His Zoo Cage Is Simply Hilarious

What This Gorilla Does After Pooping In His Zoo Cage Is Simply Hilarious. You will be surprised to know that are many similarities between our behaviour compared to monkeys. Gorilla being part of the ape group are basically mammals just like us and closest to us in overall appearance.

As compared to the normal arboreal monkeys, gorilla on the other hand walks like us. Even their facial structure and jaw bone matches to human skeleton.

There are many cases where gorillas have been found behaving as same as mankind. This mimicking the human behaviour makes gorilla special within the ape group.

Few days ago, you may have seen a news where two gorillas posed for an incredible selfie with the forest keeper at Congo National Park.

In this viral animal & human selfie, the gorillas not only stood like us but were patient to allow their caretaker to take the selfie. For those who haven’t seen this picture, this selfie of Ndakazi and Ndeze (male and female gorilla posed in the selfie) has taken the internet by storm. Many eyes were rolling in awe after seeing just how these gorillas can be and how swiftly they can mimic our behaviour.

Similar was case noted when a zoo visitor spotted a gorilla pooping in the zoo. Zoo animals are aware of constant human presence around them. The feeling of privacy, or enjoying undisturbed moments have gone long back due to high number of zoo visitors.

As a result most of the zoo animals follow their daily routine without getting bothered by the visitors. For sensitive animals such as lion or tiger, the zoo tries to keep private or shaded place so these animals can rest without been bothered by our presence, otherwise their life remains open as book.

What this gorilla does

As seen in the video below, gorilla too prefer squatting position for doing their job. Even doctors recommend squatting position for those who are suffering constipation.

The gorilla while pooping was aware of the presence of people watching him all the time (in his mind he must have thoughts don’t these folks have better things to do than watching me poop). As soon as he finished pooping, what he did was simply hilarious.

What this gorilla does

Like a small kid he collected his stools and hurled at the people disturbing him while doing his job. Like a child, after hurling the poop, he quickly ran away from the people as a sign of scoring instant win, totally hilarious.

Watch what this gorilla does after pooping


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