What Lipstick Color Suits My Dress Taste Mood And Style

Many beautiful faces don’t need any type of makeup, just a lipstick is sufficient.

Given that your face is epicenter of your beauty and personality, let’s find out what lipstick color suits your today’s mood.



Lipstick Quiz - What Lipstick Color Suits My Dress Taste Mood And Style

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Rapid fire round -  Living alone or with your parents?

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Are you satisfied with your hairdo?

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Rapid fire round  -  Pigeon or Dove?

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If you are hungry, what would you like to eat?

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How are you feeling today?

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Is dinner date on your calender?

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Are your nails perfectly in shape?

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Rapid fire round - Is Pink too girly?

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Rapid fire round - In relationship or break-up?

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Look outside your window. What is the color of the sky today?

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Look at your closet. What color you can think of?

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Rapid fire round - Red or Blue?

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Do you feel sometimes the lipstick in your purse doesn’t justify your outfit or mood. Sometimes I feel that my lipstick doesn’t match my eye. Sometimes I like dark colors during summer that can compliment my tanned skin tone better. What lipstick color suits my dress taste mood and style.

Historically Lipstick Has Always Been Very Important Beauty Product

Historically lipsticks has been the prominent and widely used cosmetics. Pictures from 17th century show application of red color on women’s lips. Back then the lipstick and rouge were primarily made of orange red pigments derived from Mercury or red iron oxide. These elements were toxic and resulted in leaving spots on the face. Make-up wasn’t widely accepted back then and many pundits and politicians have criticized the application of make-up under the guise of religious stance.

What Lipstick Color Suits

We all know the importance of lipstick in our life. The shiny red or pink stick instantly turns our pale looking lips into blossom. Coupled with lip gloss and lip balm, lipsticks can hep reduce puffiness of the lips and remove dry skin and scalps. All and all, lipsticks are important beauty products to radiate our personality. If you think lipstick is canceled just because of the Coronavirus, think again. Because these lip colors aren’t going anywhere

Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return


What Lipstick Color Suits Me Quiz

What Lipstick Color Suits

Like to wear your colors but confused which color may suit your style and personality. How about going one step further, lets find out the best matching lipstick color depending on your wardrobe, occasion and mood. Red lipstick on gloomy face is a mismatch. Similarly, a pink lipstick won’t do justice to this beautiful diva who is on a prowl hunting for her pray. Your lipstick talks a lot about your mood, your taste and your style.

We want to make sure you will receive the right help to boost your appeal to the outside world. Tell us a little about the day of the week, your mood, about your wardrobe and the occasion. We will try our best to suggest the color of lipstick that can amplify your persona.

Wear your colors in style as you only can dazzle the world.


Tips From A Pro To My Beauty Diva (how to choose lipstick)

If you want to try something else, here is a quick tip.

Know your skin’s tone. But how can you check that. Is your skin white or yellow. Can the veins clearly be seen and prominent on your hand. Observe the veins carefully, if they appear more green than blue, it means you have a warmer skin.

What is the natural color of your lips. When you want to show your natural skin tone prominently, use lip gloss or lipstick color that closely matches your natural lip color. Sometimes you just feel mystic. For those times sticking to natural color is beneficial.

But when you feel majestic and ready to trample the world, choose a bold red color. A purple is fine when there is naughtiness in your mood. Cheer up the atmosphere around you and make sure all heads will turn as soon as your enter the room. If you choose your colors right, I am sure you can be the head turner walking proud and smug.

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