What Is Earthing – Healing Power Of Connecting To Earth Offers Cure For Depression And Anxiety

Our planet Earth is truly a blessing for every living species on our planet.

This hidden benefit of healing power by simply connecting to Earth is another blessing in disguise.


Healing Power Of Connecting

Struggling with depression and anxiety. Here is another opportunity to go in the nature. With the Earthing method, our planet offers a simple yet powerful solution for our mental health issues, healing power by connecting to mother nature. Connecting to Earth and I meant literally touching the ground or grass underneath has scientifically proven as a remedy for depression and anxiety.

Studies show that Earthing, a commonly used term where person is connecting to Earth, has proven effective on reducing cortisol. Cortisol are stress hormones. Besides favorably effecting on cortisol level, the earthing method is beneficial for inflammation and blood pressure.

Healing Power Of Connecting To Earth

Healing Power Of Connecting

I personally found it has helped me ground my thoughts. When my depressing thoughts are loud, strong and overwhelming, I touch the earth. By touching earth means, you can simple sit on the ground resting your palms in a flat position on the ground. Try it on dirt, grass or even trees and notice the sensations, while noticing your breath.

Gently rub or stroke the ground then rest your palms in flat position. Try to stay in that position for 5 to 10 minutes, remain silent and be still. Smell, feel, listen, breath and observe.

Dr. Celina Lopez, a notable psychologist has produced many videos of demonstrating the positive effects on earthing on treating depression and anxiety. Our planet Earth has so much to offer, take advantage of mother earth’s healing power and achieve the calm and quite mind.

Try it yourself and experience the benefits.

Understanding Self Stress Level

In our busy schedule, we often forget to check self stress level. In the hurry to chase our dreams, often tend to overlook factors impacting self wellbeingness. That doesn’t mean that you are immune to other problems. The stress and anxiety are playing their part silently in the background.

Take General Mental Health Checkup Assessment To Understand Your Depression Anxiety Phobia PTSD And Stress Level



General Mental Health Checkup Assessment To Understand Your Depression Anxiety Phobia PTSD And Stress Level

1 / 35

Do people find it difficult to understand your emotions and feelings?

2 / 35

Is your work becoming burdensome and overwhelming that you need to handle more than one thing at once?

3 / 35

Do you feel your friends and coworkers constantly bother you due to your ethinicity?

4 / 35

Do you feel no matter what you do or how well you do, it’s never enough for your parents?

5 / 35

How do your friends describe your personality?

6 / 35

How frequently does it happen that you don't like your work at all?

7 / 35

Do you sometimes feel like avoiding everyday activities due to low energy?

8 / 35

Are you obligated to meet lot of expecations by people surrounding you?

9 / 35

Are you not happy with your life?

10 / 35

Are you unahppy about the place you live?

11 / 35

Do you find yourself away from the society, lonely and all alone?

12 / 35

Are you unahppy with the way you look and feel that there is something more needed to do?

13 / 35

Is your life on the busy track that there’s hardly any free time to just hang out?

14 / 35

Do you feel that this society neglect or sometimes even reject you?

15 / 35

How is your family describing you as a person?

16 / 35

Are your relationship with family strained that there are constant fights and bikering with your family?

17 / 35

Are you finding it difficult to sometimes reason your own behaviour?

18 / 35

Is your phone taking over your private and public life?

19 / 35

Do you often feel sad and empty?

20 / 35

How do you define your personality?

21 / 35

Do you have trouble in falling asleep?

22 / 35

Are there many occurances when you either feel too high or too low?

23 / 35

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t focus on your homework?

24 / 35

Have there been lot of changes in your living situation and it's keep on changing?

25 / 35

Are you finding it difficult to spare a minimum 30 minutes daily for exercises?

26 / 35

Do you feel that you do get enough privacy?

27 / 35

Do you feel that your friends are letting you down?

28 / 35

Do you feel that your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents don’t like me?

29 / 35

Do you see certain things or hear voices that others can't hear or see?

30 / 35

Despite trying hard, are you unable to break barriers and achieve success in your field?

31 / 35

After trying hard are still failing to meet your own expectations?

32 / 35

Do you always think about your relationship status and that this thought is consuming most of your time?

33 / 35

Are you unable to find good friends and when you finally find one, are you unable to get along with him/her?

34 / 35

Does it occur to you that you aren't getting credit for your hard work?

35 / 35

Are people/ friends/ colleagues taking you for granted?


How much you enjoyed this quiz.


If you discover high level of stress, use Earthing, method of connecting to earth and discover healing power of connecting to Earth.

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