What if Niagara Falls water is replaced by sand how will the sandfall look. Amazing video

Niagara falls is quite famous being a monstrous fall gushing millions of gallons of water every second. Every year millions of visitors come visit this natural wonder located at the US and Canada borders. If you haven’t visited Niagara fall, we recommend to go visit atleast once to see this natural wonder. But what if Niagara Falls water is replaced by sand how will the sandfall look. Amazing video

Imagine if Niagara Falls water is replaced by sand

The horse shoe bend of Niagara falls is a scenic and most watched location. Imagine if we replace the water of Niagara falls by sand. Just sand free falling from every side. Offcourse we would like to preserve the beauty of Horseshoe bend.

Location – Aflaz, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia famous for its desert is home to tons of desert sand and natural wonders made out of it. Here is an epic video shot in this middle eastern desert showing Sandfall – tons of sand falling from the cliff. There is remarkable similarities between this horse shoe bend and the one at Niagara falls, except this one doesn’t have water but sand. If you look at the cliff, overall terain, its remarkably similar to the Horseshoe bend of Niagara falls.

Both are natural wonders and monstrous in sizes thus appealing to its visitors. This is Saudi Arabia’s Niagara Falls where desert’s golden yellow sandfall is creating a natural marvel.

This is so frighting to see tons of sand gushing and free falling off of the cliff. You may have already heard or seen very dense dust clouds formed by this desert sand, now you know how dust storm begins. The same free falling sand freely goes up in the air and spreads across mile long area. The sandfalls are pretty common in the desert but never have seen something like this before. Truly phenomenal.

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