Water Droplets Behave Strange To The Heat Can You Answer Why Did The Water Not Evaporate

Interesting science experiment that will raise your curiosity.

In this series, learn how water droplets behave strange to the hot surface.

water droplets behave strange

Interesting facts of science will leave you in awe. In this series of splendid and interesting science facts, we will be learning why does water behave strangely to different amount of heat. You will see how water droplets behave strange to the heat and produce unexplained results.

Experiment is very simple and must try with your kids. As you move along with this experiment, you will find more questions than answers but don’t worry, we have already searched the answers for you so you can be the proud knowledge rich dad who can answer all questions by your kiddo.


Simple Science Experiment To Try At Home

water droplets behave strange

All you need are 3 things. A source of heat, spoon and plastic dropper. Amazon has clear disposable plastic eye dropper set of 5 for just 4 dollars. Very useful for our experiment to slowly and carefully drop water drops on the spoon.

Apart from our experiment, the dropper is useful for other applications such as laboratory work or trying many other fun science experiments. Here is a product link at Amazon.


Water Droplet Behaves Strange To The Heat

Once you have collected the things needed, let’s jump into the actual experiment. Hold the spoon above heat source. As the spoon is becoming hot, using dropper add a drop of water and watch how water reacts to the heat.

It instantly evaporates. Totally expected behaviour, right?



Continue holding the spoon above the flame. After few minutes of heating, you spoon will become very hot. Now repeat the same steps, add a drop of water on a hot spoon and see what happens next.

Once would expect the water to quickly evaporate. But does that happen or the droplets can be seen dancing for a while. For full 3-5 seconds the water droplet dances on the heated surface of spoon before evaporating. More heat should have resulted in quick water evaporation, rather it turned out to be totally opposite. How it’s possible?

Answer Lies In Leidenfrost Effect

water droplets behave strange

Well, the answer lies in the fact that as soon as water touches very hot surface, the outer layer quickly evaporates but also forms a thin cushion of vapor that temporarily protects the rest of the droplet from the extreme heat. This is why you see water droplet forming a beads shape and dances for several seconds before evaporating in the air.

This behaviors is summarized as Leidenfrost Effect. As per google,

The Leidenfrost effect is a phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid’s boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer keeping that liquid from boiling rapidly. … Later, as the temperature exceeds the Leidenfrost point, the Leidenfrost effect comes into play.

Isn’t science truly amazing. More you learn, more you know about science, the unending knowledge trove is simply there to amaze you.


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