Watch how dog helps his blind buddy will melt your heart

Who says animals don’t have brain. Whatever memory, brain power they have, it is utilized for the good purpose unless like us where we spend much of our brain power in belittling someone or use in destructive ways. Watch how dog helps his blind buddy will melt your heart. This good boy is a service dog for his blind little buddy.

Watch how dog helps his blind buddy

Every step this boy takes, he waits for his buddy to follow him slowly. Once he feels that his buddy too has taken the step, then moves one to the next one. A friend like him is irreplaceable. I personally watched this video many times and every time I watch I feel how much selfish I am. This service dog teaches how to become selfless and be there to help others.

Watch how dog helps his blind buddy

After every step, our hero dog waits for his buddy to join him. Once the blind fellow comfortably reaches the step, then our boy makes his next move. As you can see, step after step both are walking together without any complaint but only adorable co-ordination. I wish we can have such compatibility in every husband and wife’s life.

Watch how dog helps his blind buddy

The uncanny selfless behaviour of this dog has won over many hearts on the internet making this video a trendsetter and truly viral. With over million views, this is a must watch video. If you feel you problems are bigger or if you do not find any hope in the life, watch this vide and I am sure you will get a boost to start everything afresh.

Watch the full video below

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