Watch Horrifying Footage When High Rise Building Climber Almost Died

Watch Horrifying Footage

Watch Horrifying Footage When High Rise Building Climber Almost Died. For social media hype and in the quest of producing something sensational and viral, the users are going extreme, sometimes even risking own life. The desire to WOW your audience is killing many famous influencer. However, the world of influncer is not easy as you climb the success of tons of followers, ad revenue and making quick bucks, the rat race actually begins there. Given the users have short memory or constantly looking for something new forces these socail media influencer to come up with something new and novel.

Watch how this group of ‘Extreme And Insane’ production house ended up in almost loosing their star artist to death in shooting the video. With the users becoming smart, the days are gone when an influencer can trick you in believing that he has actually performed the stunt. With the rise of video editing softwares such as Adobe Premier Pro and After effect, now everyone review the viral videos with toothcomb to make sure it’s legit and not a gimmick. This puts additional pressure on the influencer as they have to produce something crazy and real which sometimes can risk their life.

There are many incidents where famous influencers have ended up in loosing their life while shooting for upcoming videos. Well, the show much go on. That being said, everyday new heard of influencers are rising making the already intense competition to insane and irrational.

The group of Extreme and Insane production identified their next adventure; walking on the roof of high-rise building.

Well, its wasn’t a cake walk or moon walk but rather running at the edge of the roof in diagonal fashion. If you want to understand how insane it is, try to walk on a narrow beam or just walk on the curb. After few steps you automatically loose your balance thus slip off of the narrow beam.

Watch Horrifying Footage

The exact stunt was planned by this insane high-rise building walker. See the height at which the stunt was planned. Place like this where no one can reach, chances are very slip to find help when you actually need it.

Watch Horrifying Footage

After few initial steps, the law of Physics came into play and he slipped off of edge. Watch the video to find if this crazy insane stuntman survived or this turned out to be his last stunt below. Watch Horrifying Footage When High Rise Building Climber Almost Died

After seeing this horrifying footage, hope you have understood the insanity the rate race among high profile media personality or social media personalities. Just to keep up with the demand and gain that extra edge many are loosing their life.

Watch Horrifying Footage

One has to decide if the fame is important or own life. We all know the answer but unfortunately, this trend won’t stop and you may see many more such crazy incident happening in the life of social media personalities.

Caution : don’t try this stunt on your own as you may end up risking your life in the desire of producing viral and trending video.

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