Watch Corona Virus Safety Message From Beautiful Madonna In Bath Tub

Watch Corona Virus Safety

With the Corona virus scare around, the only effective way to protect yourself is through social distancing. Not only the government, but the Celebrities too are encouraging everyone to stay put indoor until this epidemic is controlled. And when the celebrity is as beautiful as Madonna, who would not like to listen. Watch Corona Virus Safety Message From Beautiful Madonna In Bath Tub.

In no time this video by very beautiful Madonna in the bath tub encouraging her fans to stay protected has shot to fame and trending on social media sites “Twitter”. This one minute long message will definitely motivate you to take necessary precautions against widely spreading virus.

The video has garnered over 3 million plus views. But many hillarious comments too.

Watch Corona Virus Safety

For instance, this Madonna fan was inspired by bath tub message and wanted to produce his own version of COVID-19 message, straight from his commode to your heart.

Poor guy, with most of the shops been sold out of essential flowers, he did not find petals to mimic the Medonna style.

where did you get your petals? The aldi at the top of my road if completely sold out !

Watch Corona Virus Safety

Here is another fans res ponce to Medonna’s heartfelt message

“I’ve been a fan for 28 years now and I’m only 31. However, it’s embarrassing that you haven’t donated a dime to relief efforts when business & lives are falling apart. You’re like the 3rd richest woman in Europe. Stop spending thousands on rose petal baths and drop $ on aid now!”

Most of the messages were funny and hillarious. Looks like Medonna’s attempt to warn the people about Corona virus has backfired. See what another fan was saying “DO SOMETHING USEFUL MADONNA: WHY NOT DONATE some of your HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF THAT MONEY of yours to a charity to help our great healthworkers, delivery people, truck drivers, store clerks. Purchase masks and hospital supplies. Girl if you don’t get off social media drop some money to aiding medical professionals right now! They need equipment and beds and masks and ventilators. No body cares about yr rich old white lady milk bath and I say this a die hard fan.”

Watch Corona Virus Safety

One angry user as expressed her apathy and disapproval for Madonna’s extravagant use of Rose petals and bath tub filled with milk – “Your videos are creepy. Have you always been weird or just loosing your mind after a few days of quarantine? So glad you can waste milk for a bath while I had to wait in line for an hour just to get milk for my toddler. So no, this pandemic has not made us equal”

Well, whatever be the case, the virus threat is real. Enjoy this Medonna’s message straight form her bath tub to you and pick the side



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