Want To Show Your Flexible Stretchy Side, Try This Trick

Want To Show Your

We always want to show our best and bright face to our friends and society. Whether it’s Facebook wall or Twitter profile, you want to put up the best possible post against exotic background and once everything looks good, that perfect photo or video moment becomes your social media pixie dust that you want to show off to your friends. So do you want To Show Your Flexible Stretchy Side, Try This Trick.

Tricks are used when you actually may not be able to accomplish the task but want to otherwise show it off. And tricks as shown below is almost impossible for anyone to achieve, let alone a very seasoned gymnast.

Want To Show Your

Either you can take the support of modern movie editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro or After Effect or use your brain to trick your audience. Afterall,trick is another name of magic. When you achieve something unexpected as below, I am sure your video will be wowed by your friends. For getting that very precious WOW! we are going to show you just the trick that comes handy.

Preparations are simple and you can perform this trick in your regular outfit. Ready all set and go…!

Watch this video and let us know what you think

If you reaction was wow, how stretchy and flexible. Well, I am going to tell you that it’s simple and you too can produce similar video in place of her. Sounds awesome, here is a simple trick and if you have those uncanny eyes to catch the odd, you by now probably may know the trick.

Want To Show Your

For those with normal IQ, don’t worry, here is the actual trick

Tadda..not so viral, isn’t it. Little imagination and some brain and you too will be able to shoot awesome videos that can go viral and trending on twitter. The original video has received over 3.4 million views and hundreds of comments. But after getting to know the trick, the viewers understand it was a form of optical illusion.

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