Voting Motivational Meme If You Don’t Vote These People Will Pick Your President

Voting is important aspect of democracy but how many of us really follow it.
Throughout the history of America the voting turnout was in the low or high of 60%. Never exceeded 60s that shows a whopping 30-40% people just decided to sit at home and watch movies.


Voting motivational meme if you don’t vote these people will pick your president. We all know that voting is important and we must exercise our rights by voting on November 3rd 2020 to choose our Congressman, Senators and President of The United States Of America. Year of year the elections come and go with many people sincerely line up at the voting station to exercise their voting right.

But for the remaining 30-40% of population who don’t think voting is important, take a look at these meme. Hopefully these pictures may motivate you to leave the couch and go vote. Because if you don’t, someone else will and they will choose your leaders and representative.

If you are a cool person who doesn’t care how the politics and political theater affects your life, I am sure probably you won’t even regret for whatever decisions our leaders make or the path they choose for our country. But remember, the festival of democracy is incomplete unless all of us go out and vote every election.

So why some people even don’t care to vote

Why voting turnout is always low or why people don’t care to vote. The reasons are numerous but just to name the few :

  • Busy with the job and don’t get break to go out and vote
  • Don’t know that they need to vote thinking that it may not even matter
  • Apathy towards political situation
  • Just don’t like the candidates
  • Think election day is a holiday, so just chill at home
  • Their candidate of choice is absent on the ballot
  • What difference my one vote can bring
  • The whole system is rigged

and so on and so forth. For those naysayers, hope the MEME MESSAGE may bring some change in thinking. But if you still choose to avoid polling, enjoy these meme for fun

Voting motivational meme


Voting motivational meme


Wearing mask should be personal choice and we agree with it. But don’t ignore medical science. When these scholars are shouting to wear the mask, let’s atleast hear them out keeping our political interest aside.

Voting motivational meme


Unhealthy interest in dog’s back side is not a good thing. Focus on human relationship and let our dogs enjoy their life


Voting motivational meme


Well, that is all money this guy has got. Looking at his home (or shack) who even will think of robbing him. He doesn’t even have clothes to cover his body. I am pretty sure this kennel (or his home) may not even have basic necessity such as AC, Oven, Microwave and even a bed to sleep on.


Voting motivational meme

Jerk, atleast know your spellings.




Picture speaks louder than thousand words. If you are not already awake, take cues from this meme.


Yup, that’s after 5 million plus infected around the world and USA leading the death toll and quickly approaching to 100K deaths due to this nimble virus.


Open Carry Firearm Meme


When you think a trip to subway is not safe and need to carry a bazooka.



When someone hunt the bucks for food and survival is dependent on hunting

Bad Quote Of the Day

The reason Batman doesn’t cover his whole face is because he needs the police to know he’s white

Memes for the day

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