Video Shows How Social Distancing Can Protect You From Corona Virus

Video Shows How Social

With the Corona virus pandemic already made the situation quite worst, your best defense is to protect yourself from the virus. A new term  “Social Distancing” has been coined and by far it has proven as effective way to contain the spread of virus. This video Shows How Social Distancing Can Protect You From Corona Virus. Try this when you are working from home and have absolutely nothing much to do.

This will help you to kill the time too. Very educational video shows how social distancing can help contain the virus spread.

Check out this video

Check out this amazing Team conference call – work from home situation.


Video Shows How Social


Now that you are confined at home and when you have nothing much to do, how to kill the time. How about making a cards domino. Want some inspiration, here is how to.

Arrange some coins and cards to form a perfect domino landscape.

Video Shows How SocialNow just on touch and the whole domino will collapse creating amazing formation. Use your imagination to make some amazing formations out of domino.

Video Shows How Social

Longer the domino, better it will be for fun and definitely help you spend your forced containment in most amazing way.


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