Video Shows How Make Up Can Transform Regular Potato Into Beautiful Womans Face | Proves How Things Can Make Glossy And Attractive On Internet

Video Shows How Make

Video Shows How Make Up Can Transform Regular Potato Into Beautiful Womans Face Thus Proves How Things Can Make Glossy And Attractive On Internet. You won’t believe this is just a potato. By now you may have seen many posts and videos showing what’s real and fake especially among the Hollywood celebrities or Instagram influencers. With the modern techniques supported by technology, the line between real and fake are blurring significantly.

How many times you were excited by the new line of make-up that has promised to make you look attractive. Or ads showing how to transform yourself from fat to completely ripped and toned body without years and years of exercises. We fall pray to these ads as no one has patience. We all have either forgotten the basic science behind body fitness or feeling too lazy or simply do not have time to exercise.


When you see the attractive and glamorous pictures of Hollywood actors and actress and then there is constant stream of ads allover internet to the TV showing how easy it is to look like a celebrity, our brain starts believing in it.

If you have tried those make up promising you the glamorous looks but failed to yield anything close to it, you may by now know it’s all fake. There are some promising brands that can bring results in shortest possible time, however the results can quickly fade if you do not follow the continual instructions. These brands will lure you and can show you quick improvements but the ongoing maintenance and money you would spend in maintaining your form is not less.

Bottomline, there is no shortcut for the success or magic pony trick to look glamorously fit and attractive. We have a video to support the importance of investing your attention in the long lasting efforts than finding a quick fix.

The artist is illustrating the concept of how the glamour and picture perfect images shared on social media are nothing but gimmicks and totally unreal. This video shows how make-up artists use their skills and how things are not real.

Video Shows How Make

The artist has chosen a potato, yes a regular normal potato you have in refrigerator. After cleaning and heavy touches of makeup, this ordinary looking potato can be transformed into a beautiful woman’s face is unbelievable.

Video Shows How Make

Same trick is used by many Instagram influencers and Hollywood actors. To get that single picture perfect image, there lies hours and hours of efforts to hide freckles, black spots and deficiencies from their body.

Video Shows How Make

We will even show you that just make-up is not enough, but the photoshop technique is taking out all unwanted shades and shadows that even a skilled make-up artist can’t hide.

Together both give you the illusion of how gorgeous and flawless these celebrities look. After seeing their picture perfect images and poses, you instantly fall to believe in every random brand they promote to you believing that you have found the magic pony trick to transform yourself into their world.

In the end, you may receive sheer disappointment and a tough lesson after spending money on these useless products.

Watch the video shows how make up can transform a simple potato to awesomeness.

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