Unwanted Side Effects Of Home Schooling Are Unnecessary Creativity When Your Kids Are Totally Bored Staying At Home

Unwanted Side Effects Of

Unwanted Side Effects Of Home Schooling Are Unnecessary Creativity When Your Kids Are Totally Bored Staying At Home. For parents who chose to home school their kids, it’s a trade of between pros and cons. After weighing all possibilities, many parents decide home schooling is the best option for their kids.

These days are different as the schools have been forced shut atleast till the end of this school year. Result, all kids are at home. This year is going to be historical in many ways

Highest number of home schooled population of kids
Highest number of kids attending online education than physically going to the school
Highest number of days when kids can’t play outside or mix with other kids

All because of a tiny virus named Coronavirus or COVID19. This nimble virus has brought the entire world to its knee just because the scientist so far haven’t found a cure yet.

Until a cure is found, the days of social distancing will stay enforced. Result, schools and offices closed forcing both parents and kids to stay confined indoor.

However, this condition has a silver lining, until the market opens or quarantine norms are relaxed, most of the parents are working from home thus can pay attention to their kids. No more babysitting which can save money on already constrained budget. (anyway, due to Coronavirus fear, allowing your babysitter to come home is not safe either)

To ease the pressure from parents shoulders and to guide effective ways to home school your kids many online options have opened up. Even the established educational websites such as ABC Mouse or Khan Academy are offering their courses for FREE. We recommend all parents to make use of this opportunity.

(Hilarious) Side effects of home schooling

Experts and gurus may provide tons of data and statistics how home schooling is bad one way or the other, our blog focuses on main aspect which is entertainment. The main side effect of home schooling is you as a parent become the teacher.

For those who think, teachers life is easy and simple, get ready for the rude awakening. Being parent plus teacher, you kids won’t listen to you. Second, their creativity on the negative side will find many ideas to harm your schedule, sometimes even harm you too.

Kids are bored sitting at home. If we can’t take up the life of constantly seeing the same faces, how our kids can be different. The bored kids will try to find fun in any thing whether acceptable to you or no.

Watch the classic example how this kids creativity hit a perfect shots taken at her mom cum teacher.

First place yourself well

Unwanted Side Effects Of

Make sure your position is correct and so is your target. Now once you acquire your target, focus on it.

Keep focusing until you feel confident that it’s time to swing for the most amazing shot.

When you spend so much time on preparations and don’t let the target move out of your eye sight, the results naturally are the best timely hit. Or shot heard around the world. Finally, make sure you run away from the scene else you will be in the soup.

Unwanted Side Effects Of

if you are already complaining about home schooling your naughty kids, here is another reason why you are absolutely right. I am sure we all are waiting for that sunny day when the restrictions will be relaxed and kids can being going to the school. This is just one of the unwanted side effects of home schooling you definitely do not want.

Watch here how your kids can spoil your perfectly managed home schooling plans. Unwanted Side Effects Of Home Schooling.


How to take charge and be the Supermom

Now that the homeschooling is forced upon us (or for those who opted for homeschooling by choice), making small changes in your home can make you a Supermom cum super teacher.


Unwanted Side Effects Of

Similar to the adult world, our kids too love when things are arranged systematically. Reserve a room or area designated for the school, study and learning activities.

This will give your kids feeling of going to the school. Else there won’t be a difference between home and study room or learning time and fun time.

In your professional life, as much as attention we pay to the presentation of our work,  same rule apply to home school too. Think before you act. Plan how do you want to design the learning room for your kids. What are the things essential and kept handy for you as a teacher and your kids as student. If you need furniture or school supplies such as desk, copy papers, eraser, pencil and everything your school would need, Staples has all the items needed to set-up kids study room.

Take interest in teaching your kids

Unwanted Side Effects Of

Another week of homeschooling and working from home in the books!! This trend will continue atleast until end of this school year. You don’t need to take lessons on how to become a teacher.

I can do what I want

I can do what I am best at

Be confident in your ability than bending yourself at every corner. No one is perfect and we all learn through practice. Once you start teaching your kids, you will slowly learn how to improve your methods, knowledge base and related things. Just like your kids, it will be a learning journey for you too.

It takes a village to raise a child…

but honestly its going to take a vineyard to home school one

Learning with fun is the key to success

Unwanted Side Effects Of

Your kids will experience boredom due to stalled atmosphere in their life. Remember, their day will begin in the same house, spend the entire day under same roof and go to bed the same place where they have played and studied the entire day. This is too much of a stress for their young mind.

If you can add fun in learning, show them how your home based school is better than their school, they will learn the things with interest. Else every new day may bring new battlefront between you and your new students.

Using things available to you

Unwanted Side Effects Of

Make use of the things available at home. For instance, take cardboard boxes or other packaging items. Before you throw it out (or recycle it) see if there is something else you can use it for! There are so many types of packaging that are great for crafts like egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes!

Learn along with your kids

Education system evolves over the period of time. The methods and techniques we have learn in our childhood may have been outdated. Today’s kids have all modern gadgets and support of internet at disposal.

Common course for example, the term that did not exist during our childhood is now the most prevailing one when it comes to teaching modern day students. Hone your skills but most important sharpen your knowledge on prevailing ways to teach your kids.

I am sure these small things and little bit of learning can make you the supermom.

Why some parents choose homeschooling

Unwanted Side Effects Of

For parents who opted to home school their kids as a choice, there are several reason. Most notably, bullying, kids with special needs or in some cases because the parents were home schooled.

Let’s dig into 5 primary reasons (and benefits) of homeschooling

  • Protect kids from bullying
  • Provide high quality education (true for the parents have been home schooled)
  • Meet kids special needs – disabled kid or kids with special needs
  • Relocation to other state or country
  • Improve social interaction

Protect kids from bullying 

The bullying has been main factor for parents to choose the home school their kids. If you are worried about bullying, start some research in the school districts around you in terms of school ranking, school score. Numerous online options are available, for example Great School Org offers insight into school district, school rating and ranking.

As a rule of thumb, a school with better ranking is good for your kids as higher rating shows how string the school management is in controlling in-school bullying. Avoid schools with lower ratings as a precaution to safeguard your kids from getting bullied.

Besides bullying, some parents are also mindful of the bad influence other kids can have on their children. As school is a place to learn new things, these new things come with both wanted and unwanted knowledge. Getting unwanted knowledge such as early maturity or getting sex education at earlier age or getting to see exposed images shared by other kids are the reasons parent want to shield their kids from and hence choose home schooling versus sending kids to the public schools

Provide high quality education

This is applicable to well educated parents who too were home schooled. These parents from own experience know how they can shape their kids future or add values to their kids knowledge base.

You can home school your kids upto certain age. Once you feel that your kiddo is now ready to explore bigger outside world, then you can stop home schooling and enroll your kid in the local school.

Meet kids special needs

Parents of the kids with special needs may prefer home schooling over public school. Not all kids are gifted with the basic senses, there are kids who are deprived from birth of this gift of normal life. Sometimes your school district may not have separate program for disable or special need children.

You can explore schools in your county or district that offers separate program for disabled children. If that option doesn’t work, the parents have been forced to home school their kids. That way the parents can match the teaching speed to how well the kids can tolerate and learn the things.

Relocation to other state or country

Parents job too can play important role in deciding home school Vs public schools. If you are moving to another state or country in the middle of school year, home schooling for your kids work as while every one in your family are getting adjusted to the new environment, kids education is not impacted.

Sometimes, moving to another country where native language is different, you need to find international schools. Sometimes those schools do not admit new kids in the middle of school year. You as a parent can home school you kids until new school year begins so your kids can join the school

Improve social interaction

Do you know you kids spend a good amount of time in the classromm style learning. As per one study, kids in public school spend over 1000 hours considering average 150 days per school year. Homeschool students on the contrary can have more activities that take place outside of the home. With a flexible homeschool curriculum, families are better able to go to museums, parks, and historical sites, and participate in community service activities as part of their daily learning.

There are pros and cons with each option and no single option has been proven to be good. You as a parent are best placed to understand your situation, job and job related restrictions, school ratings of the school district your place of living and then can make practical choice that can meet the entire family needs and convenience.

Feeling Stressed Here are stress busters

Feeling stressed about home schooling your kids. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Almost every parent in every known country on this planet is grappling with the same issue. One thing for sure, the Coronavirus has changed our life, so try to tame down your expectations. Your home won’t be the same as earlier. Small steps at a time can help you to cope up with your stress.


I’m homeschooling like that substitute teacher who rolls in the TV for a movie and just eats snacks in the back of the class



So….Home schooling going well.

2 students suspended for fighting and one teacher fired for drinking on the job.


I was typing and accidentally left the ‘m’ out of “homeschooling” and laughed for about 10 minutes, if you are wondering how my quarantine is going.



My kid’s new teacher is so awesome. I should really get her something nice….


Dad, the lunch lady said some really bad words today.

Son, your mom is under a lot of stress these days…



Daughter: “What are we doing tomorrow?”

Me: “How about we play ;trapped in the house’ again”


Parenting tips in the time of COVID-19

Spend quality time with children : ask your child what they want to do, whether they play or draw something. Involve your kids in the kitchen if they love cooking.

Keep Positive : Clearly say the behaviour you want to see but do not shout at them. Remember to praise your child when they follow your instructions. As you feel frustrated, so are your kids. If they won’t vent out their frustration, the side effects can lead them to depression.

Create flexible daily routine : Ask your kids suggestions and opinion to create a routine for the entire family. Important thing is that you and your kids follow the routine consistently.

Switch off your phone : Give you children full attention and try to do some activities together

Reassure your child : Your kids are missing their friends, school and sports. Tell your kids that they are not alone. Be open and listen to your child when they tell you how do they feel. Communication is important and open and free communication is useful.

Take a pause when your child’s behaviour is making you angry : Don’t simply become angry. You will make situation worst than diffusing the tension. Try meditation and relaxation therapy to clam your mind. You will find the things are not that bad as you perceived and don’t deserve you to become irritated.

Here are 10 parenting tips to follow or simply refer during Pandemic.

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