Unique Marriage Photoshoot Of Newly Wed Mixed martial Art Boxers | When Boxers Marry This Is How Their Hilarious Wedding Photoshoot Goes

Marriage are made in heaven but marriage planners and photographers from Earth can make this day unforgettable.

A boxer couples expectation were met by this unique marriage photoshoot. The results were simply astonishing.


unique marriage photoshoot of

When you love your profession so much, your life seem to center around it. Every theme you think of, every event you organize somewhere or the other show a tinge of your passion. This syndrome is common among sport enthusiast and athletes alike. Here is unique marriage photoshoot of newly web couples. Take a look at their photos and we don’t have to disclose their passion or profession.

A newly wedded couple decided to photoshoot their marriage ceremony. Professional photographer was invited, only this time he didn’t know what lies infront of him. Thinking it as a usual marriage photoshoot, the photographer arrived at the wedding ceremony only to know husband is a mixed martial art boxer. The husband had a unique idea about his marriage photoshoot. Naturally the photographer has to tag along.

After initial shock, the pro photographer collected his senses and wanted to give unforgettable experience to newly wed couple. A secluded beach side spot was identified. The bride was ready with her wedding gown. The only difference this time was uniquely dressed bride and props for the photoshoot. The props were nothing but boxing gloves and punching mitts. Yes, you read it right, the photoshoot was mix martial art themed one.


Unique Marriage Photoshoot Of Newly Wed

unique marriage photoshoot of

Marriage has always been a very special day in every couples life. Lot of thoughts and planning go in any marriage. Due to social media frenzy, everyone these days like to be unique and try to achieve something different, totally off the route. These expectations are very clear to a professional photographer. As a marriage photographer, one has to come up with novel ideas to make this day unforgettable in couple’s life.

At the same time he has to maintain balance between bride and groom’s expectations verses what’s really feasible. Amazon cart was loaded and ready to be checked out with props needed for the photoshoot.

As both bride and groom held and props and started showcasing mixed martial art stunts, the cameraman was ready with lens focused to capture every move. When like minded people gather together, naturally the results turn out to be good. No wonder the shots from the photoshoot were astonishing and soon went viral on TikTok. TikTok fans welcomed this unique photoshoot with millions of likes and rave comments.

Here is the video of unique marriage photoshoot of mixed martial art boxer husband and wife.


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