Under the Ice Firework Explosion In Frozen Lake Is A Very Rare Life Experience | What Happens When The Firework Starts Under Frozen Ice

New day brings new experiences, some are very rare and never seen before.

Under the ice firework is definitely rare of rarest experiment anyone has tried before.


One curious mind decided to see what will happen when you light up firework under the cover of frozen ice. If you live in Midwest where temperature drops below freezing point, seeing frozen ponds or lakes is not a new thing. As winter approaches, the water starts freezing. My experience until now was limited to cracking the ice for ice water fishing. Just when I thought I have already seen rare of the rarest, a new video of under the ice firework explosion has caught my attention.

As rare as it sounds, wonder how someone can think of taking the trouble to grab fireworks in winter. May be he has leftover fireworks from new years celebration or it was a long planned experiment, whatever be the case, this is kind of one of the rare incident I have ever seen.


How Does The Firework Actually Work

Under the Ice Firework

The firework we see during July 4 or New Year eve are primarily made up of pyrotechnic compounds. If your memories are current, this highly flammable material has now found its way in gender reveal parties too. Similar pyrotechnic device used by a couple in celebration of their gender reveal party has set up one of the massive fire in California’s history.

The pyrotechnic compounds in poured in a tube, covered with protective paper and finally a fusing device is placed at the top. The fuse is nothing but dry rope or a wick that provides spark to the gun powder.

Once the gun powder or pyrotechnic compounds is ignited by charge, it bursts open creating exothermic reaction that effuses fire, smoke and loud thunder.

Imagine this lethal mixture is set to explode under the frozen layer of ice.


Under the Ice Firework Explosion In Frozen Lake

On a cold day in winter, when the lake was completely frozen, using pick one user dug a small hole enough to insert the firework. The wick of the firecracker was lit using lighter. As soon as the wick started burning, he tossed the firework under the ice through the hole already made.



The smoke can be seen coming out of the hole. Want to try similar experiment at a lake or pond near you, head over to eBay and get your stock of fireworks. Don’t forget the lighter.


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Under the Ice Firework

The firework went down the lake with the wick still burning.

Under the Ice Firework

As soon the spark reached the gunpowder chamber, a blast happened. What happened to the thick layer of ice covering the frozen lake, whether the icicles flew all over the place. Whether the flying icicles caused any injury or damages or just a big crack was developed across the lake? Watch the video to find answers for these questions.

Under the Ice Firework



All and all, I felt it was one of rare experiment anyone can think of. Hey, world is full of curious minds and these genuineness can always blow your mind.


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