Ultimate Bucking Machine Failure. First Time Rider Broke The Bucking Machine aka Mechanical Bull

Ultimate Bucking Machine Failure

Mechanical bull aka bucking machines are quite popular. This artificial simulator gives riders the same feeling of the famous rodeo sport. With the constant risk of falling down, bucking machines have become quote popular. Based on this popular theme, when mechanical shark was set up, Jenny (the rider in this video) decided to give a try. Looking at Jenny’s size as compared to the shark, our readers know what would happen next.

You may have seen hilarious bucking machine falls, but have ever seen the bucking machine itself falling down. Check this out.

Poor Jenny didn’t get the joy of riding the mechanical shark. Looks like Arron, who has shot this video knew something bad will happen and one can summarize this just by watching the expressions on his face. Brave Jenny, the shark is not worth your courage and weight. Our reaction was Thank you for putting a smile on my face! This video has just made my day. If you are Arron, just run away and remember we don’t know any Jenny.

Good lesson for all of us. So next time if you want to try the rodeo game, make sure your bucking machine won’t give up on you.

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