Turn Egg Into Stress Relieving Ball Using These Simple Home Based Science Experiments

Turn Egg Into Stress Relieving Ball.

Two science experiments you can try with your kids.

For many of those who are homeschooling the kids, fun filled science experiments can juice up your teaching skills.


Turn egg into stress

With the stay at home mandates in place and given that the school year has been cancelled, many parents are forced to homeschool their kids. This new job however is not easy. First of all, your kids won’t listen to you as they would to their teacher. Second, a place where the kids use to play video games can’t suddenly transform into teaching area.

Take one step at a time. Start with fun filled science experiments that are simple and easy to follow. That way you can engage your kids. Once your kids are adjusted to the homeschooling routine, you can think of introducing additional ways of learning academic courses.

What’s the experiment

The experiments are simple and using simple ingredients such as toothpaste or Coke, you can show how an egg can be transformed into a clear squeezable ball. Use the newly minted ball as stress reliever.

Experiment Using Egg And Coke

Let’s take an egg and keep in the cup. Pour little coke on it.

Turn egg into stress

Now next is to add some cheese and mix it well.

Turn egg into stress

Little sea salt, stir it well and now cover it for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, your squishy ball is ready.

Turn egg into stress


The egg shell has now disappeared and the yellow yolk is clearly visible. Most importantly, no matter how you squeeze it or how long it squeeze it, the egg is almost unbreakable.

Watch how to turn egg into stress ball experiment here


Experiment with Egg and Coke

Here is another way to convert egg into squishy ball and make it unbreakable.

The results are similar but the recipe is changed. This one is ore easy to do and won’t take whole lot of ingredients. Just an egg and toothpaste. Make sure to use the fluoride toothpaste.

All adult toothpaste are fluoride based.

Take the egg and squeeze out some toothpaste.

Using toothpaste turn egg

Now apply the toothpaste evenly to the outer shell. You can use a brush or using fingers smear the toothpaste on all the sides.

The toothpaste covered egg need to rest for 24 hours. So cover the egg for the next 24 hours.

After 24 hours, your egg is no longer a fragile white shell but rather it has become an awesome squishy. Squeeze it, it gives satisfactory feeling. Hopefully the video to will make you feel satisfying.

Try both the experiments with you kids. Let them enjoy how otherwise brittle egg can become something amazing squeezable ball. Your kids will like that the egg is no longer fragile but rather became unbreakable


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