Truly Shocking Video Shows Sky bridge In China Cracks Under Your Feet While Walking

The glass bridge or skywalk literally cracks under your feet

Effects are so freighting that you will try to cling to the side railing to save your life. A must watch video shows only daredevils can cross this glass bridge

Caught on camera shows World’s scary cracking glass bridge


Truly Shocking Video Shows

Truly Shocking Video Shows Sky bridge In China Cracks Under Your Feet While Walking. What you will be seeing now is truly scary and you may even miss your heartbeat. If you have height phobia, this is one place that you must avoid in lifetime, East Taiheng Glasswalk in Hubei province.

China’s obsession to create something amazing and terrifying at the same time give birth to the glass bridge of Hubei. The glasswalk bridge constructed at 1.2 KM above sea level (that’s a whopping 1300 yards above ground) comes one crooked feature, the cracking glass. Yes, it’s not only a construction paramount but a very cruel architectural prank designed and built on earth.

Where is this world famous glass bridge located

Truly Shocking Video Shows

Aerial photos show a long glass walkway winding along the edge of a cliff of the East Taihang Mountains in Handan city, North China’s Hebei province. The walkway measures 266 meters along the cliff, at 1,180 meters above sea level.

The East Taiheng Glasswalk in Hubei is about 872-foot-long and 6.6-foot-wide.

As a tourist, if you want to get to the East Taihang Glasswalk, you can get there by bus. Nearest bus station is located in Zhangjiajie city center to Tianmen Mountain.

Remember, this one is not fir the shaky legs. A 488-meter-long glass suspension bridge at Hongyagu scenic spot in north China’s Hebei. 

Interesting facts about this bridge:

  • The longest glass bridge of the world
  • Only bridge where the glass literally cracks as you walk on it

Why the bridge cracks

Truly Shocking Video Shows

But don’t worry too much, the cracking is just a special effect to scare visitors, and it works!

The cracking effect is actually a special feature designed to frighten visitors. Sensors that detect passing pedestrians, triggering the visual and sound effects.

Truly Shocking Video Shows

The cracking effects are constructed towards the end of the bridge thus can caught you off guard. Once you come safe and alive across this bridge there is another architectural phenomenon waiting for you. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, the world’s longest and highest glass bridge

Unaware of this cruel feature, many tourists have either clinged on to the railing or other people. As is the case captured on camera, this truly shocking video shows, a tourist has held his father’s legs tight in an attempt to save himself. His father on the other hand was tightly holding the side bars.

You need to really courageous to cross this bridge as many tourists were spotted slithering than walking on this skywalk made out of glass.

A grand circular #glassbridge in Guangdong Province, supported by three huge steel pillars, has become a new attraction for its dizzying heights and lengths at the Huangtengxia tourist attraction, which only takes one hour and 30 minutes’ drive from downtown

Truly Shocking Video Shows

It definitely scares people as a nearby bridge made of glass saw one of its glass panel crack after someone dropped a stainless steel cup on it. That location isn’t far from this bridge and with those memories still fresh, people are scared to death when they see the glass cracking right under their feet.

For those who wanted to know more about this accident, search for glass-bottomed bridge in China’s Henan province. You will find tons of scary news showing how the bridge glass panel cracked and broke down.

Watch the tourists reaction seeing the bridge cracking under their feet captured on the camera.


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